Free Course: How to start an agency

Land retainer clients, even if you have 0 clients and no agency experience.

There are many ways to earn $100k.

You could work full-time for years, pulling slave-like hours, playing politics, and maybe get promoted to a position that pays 6 figures. Maybe.

You could also work as a freelancer, selling your time and doing what you do best. You'll barely hit a $100k year if you sell $2k worth of your time each week. No holidays, no time off. But doable.

Or, you can start your own agency and charge $5,000 per month per client. Or more. 5 clients like this will get you to $300,000 in a year, and you don't even have to deliver the work yourself.

Do you prefer option 3? Buckle up. 

We spent almost a year learning from the world's top agency growth experts and 8-figure agency owners. Now we've created a 7-day flash course on starting your own agency.

In just 7 days, you'll learn:

  • a fool-proof way to pick a profitable niche;
  • how to build a sales engine;
  • how to stop doubting yourself;
  • 3 ways to close $50k+ deals;
  • how to deliver results and not get overwhelmed;
  • a proven method to retain clients for years.

Plus, you'll get access to dozens of hours of exclusive, closed-door video training from experts and practitioners.

Finally, after you finish the course, you'll get access to a $5,000 bundle of resources to help you grow your agency to 7 figures and beyond.

The best part? The course is free, with no catch. We're not even asking for your credit card.

Ready to start the course? Rock on! 

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