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How can you get more replies?

Cold email is very easy to start, and even easier to get wrong.

We've been doing cold email for the better part of the decade. (And still are.)

To help people be more successful with cold email (and with QuickMail), we created a free, 8-days course on the basics of cold email.

It includes:

  • → [LESSON 1/8] 3 ways you can increase your response rate
  • → [LESSON 2/8] 10 tools to spend less time looking for emails
  • → [LESSON 3/8] Learn to land in inbox, not spam
  • → [LESSON 4/8] 3 more ways to guarantee more replies
  • → [LESSON 5/8] The real reason cold emails stop working
  • → [LESSON 6/8] How to avoid being flagged as spam
  • → [LESSON 7/8] What I learned after 50m+ cold emails
  • → [LESSON 8/8] Master the follow-up game to get more responses
Guys - These weekly emails are awesome. I've learned so much from them and am utilizing it with my consulting clients daily.
Michael Testa
CEO, Marketing agency

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