Powerful Cold Email Integration for HubSpot

Easily reach your HubSpot contacts with highly-personalized emails and follow-ups.

Send emails and follow-ups at scale

After you connect this integration to HubSpot, QuickMail can send emails to hundreds of your contacts every day, and follow-up if they don't reply.

Make your campaigns as simple or as complex as you need – QuickMail will send them for you, and sync everything to HubSpot.

Never rely on outdated info again

With 2-way sync, QuickMail will always keep your contact info and attributes up-to-date, no matter where you change it.

Unlike most other cold email integrations for HubSpot, we not only import your data into HubSpot, but keep it updated as you go. 

No matter who changes contact's info and where, you're always seeing the latest version of it – both in HubSpot and in QuickMail.

Know when people engage with your emails

Unlike many cold email integrations for HubSpot, QuickMail will not keep you in the dark about how your campaigns perform.

You'll see every contact's interaction with the emails they get – what was sent, which emails were opened and when, and which links people click.

Protect your deliverability, for free

We don't just send your outreach campaigns and follow-ups, but actively protect your inboxes from being flagged as spam. 

Included in every plan, our Auto-Warmer tool will automatically improve sender's reputation for every inbox you connect. 

We'll send, reply to, and un-spam emails in other people's inboxes so that spam filters know you're not a spammer.

Scale up and down with a couple of clicks

With our Inbox Rotation technology, you can scale to hundreds of emails per day with just a couple of clicks.

No more cloning campaigns, no maintenance hell, just pick which inboxes you want to send the campaign from, and QuickMail will do the rest.

Scaling down is just as easy – you decide which inboxes need to keep sending, we're stopping sending from the rest.

Start sending now

Connect QuickMail now, and start sending your cold email campaigns today.

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