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Add inboxes without leaking credentials

Sometimes you need to send cold emails from an established inbox that you don't own. But if you're an agency or a consultant, sharing inbox credentials with you is a security risk. 

QuickMail lets you connect inboxes without having to enter the credentials yourself. Just send an invite to the inbox owner and they can add it themselves without ever exposing the credentials. 

Avoid security breaches

When you share login details with multiple people, the chance of a security issue grows exponentially. It may never happen to you, but if it actually does, it's a major headache. Especially when it's a client's account. 

With QuickMail, the chance of someone leaking the credentials is zero. Because the inbox owner will connect straight to QuickMail, there isn't a third party to create a security risk. 

Don't waste any time

Every time you need someone else to do something – especially a client – you need to wait for them to get back to you. Did they do it already? Should I check back now or tomorrow?

QuickMail handles this for you. As soon as the inbox is added by the owner, we send you an email so you can keep working on it. So you're not wasting any time wondering if it's done or waiting for the owner to get back to you.