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The Ultimate Guide To Mastering Cold Email

Grow Your Business With Cold Emails

by Jeremy Chatelaine

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Amazing read and great template to grow your business.

I figured out a lot of things I was doing wrong and will fix them. If you don't have enough budget to advertise, cold emails are a great start.

Abdul Ahmed
Abdul Ahmed

cover of book 'grow your business with cold emails'

From the author:

Cold email is how I started my business. I originally used it to get interviews to gain knowledge on a particular market, then to get feedback on what I was building and finally to get demo calls to gain new customers as well as expand my network as a founder. It’s what made my business profitable, so I know first hand that it can be a really lucrative channel when executed properly.

The problem is what most people tell about cold email on the Internet is highly subject to the survivorship bias (meaning it worked for them, failing to realize that what really made things work was actually something else), often outdated regarding what works today, at best grossly inaccurate (revealing only half of the story, or tested with just 50 emails), or worse just plain wrong and totally misleading.

So be ready for a ride because all those fancy posts you read on the Internet on cold emails won't account for a fraction of what you’ll learn in this book.

For example:

- I’ll let you know about the number 1 reason why cold emails fail or succeed (based on real data after analyzing both winners and losers).
- I’ll explain why almost everyone is wrong in the way they build their cold email campaigns and how to fix this easily.
- I’ll tell you about every possible ways to build your prospect list
- I’ll show you how to setup up cold emails so you can get people thanking you for your emails and perseverance while not even spending a second on it.
- I’ll share with you 5 email sequences built for different purposes and all performing at more than 50% reply rate.

And many more things that will give you all the tools you need to crush it with your cold email campaign.