Get 2X More Replies Without Sending More Emails -> 𝗟𝗲𝗮𝗿𝗻 𝗠𝗼𝗿𝗲

Scale by adding inboxes, not cloning campaigns

Once you find what's working for a campaign, you want to scale. You can either push the limits with one inbox and risk your hard-earned deliverability or send from multiple inboxes. 

Most tools only let you send a campaign from one inbox. So to scale, you're forced to duplicate a campaign that's working and replace the inbox. Rinse and repeat for every inbox you want to send from.

With QuickMail, you don't have to do any of that. At any point, you can go into your campaign and add an inbox (or ten) to start sending the same campaign from. We'll split the volume between the inboxes automatically. 

Fly under the radar

Spam filters are getting harsher by the day. At this point, trying to max out a single inbox is a gamble – people get their inboxes flagged for less.

With QuickMail, you're more likely to run out of prospects to send to than to have scaling issues. Add as many inboxes to your campaign as you want – we'll spread the load across them and keep you under the spam filters' radar.

Avoid mistakes

If having to clone the campaigns wasn't bad enough, there are also edits. Need to change one email's copy? You'll have to go through every duplicated campaign to make edits. 

With QuickMail, every change you make to your campaign is immediately applied to every inbox you're sending this campaign from. There's no way for an edit to fall through the cracks. 

Split-test without the headache

Once you've cloned your campaign, you have no choice but to set up the split-test in every campaign. Just like with edits, you (or your VA) can make a mistake or miss a campaign. Except that with A/B-testing, there are more moving pieces than just changing some copy. So the chances of a sneaky mistake messing up your outreach increase exponentially.

With QuickMail, any A/B-test you set up in your sequence will be shared across all assigned inboxes. Set it up once, launch, and move on.

See reports quickly

Gathering reports across a dozen of cloned campaigns is a hassle. What if some of them were paused halfway? Are you sure you didn't miss a campaign somewhere? This is not just frustrating, but it can lead to ill-informed decisions.

In QuickMail, it's all one campaign. Your stats are in one place, you cannot possibly miss data. You don't even need to think about it.