As someone who's been in the cold email world for a long time (14 years, exactly), I know firsthand how tough it can be to craft effective email CTAs.

And how important it is to have an effective CTA.

Good CTAs are what motivate someone to actually take the next step and either connect with you, book a demo, or grab one of your offers.

Bad CTAs can completely crush your open rates and kill your chance of getting a response from the person you are emailing.

Lesson: Don't sleep on your CTAs.

To save you time and increase your chances of success, we've assembled a swipe file of over 100 killer CTAs that have delivered measurable results for us and our clients.

Before we go into the call to action examples, let's quickly discuss what CTA means.

What Is a Call To Action (CTA) in a Cold Email?

A call to action (CTA) is a piece of text intended to induce the reader of the cold email to perform a specific action, typically replying to your email with some type of answer.

You may ask: is it important to have a good CTA?

Having a good CTA is a must. Nailing your CTA is one of the most important pieces of a cold outreach email.

You can have the perfect email copy and subject line, but without a compelling call to action, you won't be able to get anyone to take the next step.

After all, that's what motivates people to actually take action and move forward with you.

3 Clear Benefits of a Good CTA in Cold Emails

What benefits can you get from a good email call to action?

Having a good CTA in your cold email marketing campaigns brings up three clear advantages.

1. Increased Return On Investment

This is obvious.

For example, if you have a killer cold email call to action button, you will get more clicks into your desired destination (like an event page, website, or landing page).

Conversely, if your CTA button lacks clarity or isn’t motivating enough, you will get fewer clicks and conversions.

Better email CTA = More actions are taken = Higher return on investment.

2. Increased Engagement

Good CTA will likely increase engagement with your cold email marketing campaigns, and you'll be able to reach more people.

And what does increased engagement mean?

It means more eyeballs on your services and offers and more conversions for the same amount of money.

That's a total win-win situation.

3. Increased Trust

Having a proper email CTA button also helps with building trust with your prospects.

When you have a clear and helpful CTA in your email marketing campaign, the reader will know exactly what to do next.

This leads to your target audience trust you and your business, making them more likely to invest in your offering.

100+ Cold Email CTA Examples You Can Implement Today

Let's start on our in-depth list of the best cold email CTAs.

We've sorted the CTA based on the writer's goal and the level of commitment requested by the reader.

For example: “I'd love your feedback on this. Enjoy your day!” ask for no commitment, so we will qualify the call to action copy as Low as the reader is not requested to really do anything.

On the other hand, “When can we schedule a 30-minute demo?” request a high commitment (30 minutes of his time) from the reader. So we will qualify the call to action copy as high.

Usually, the higher the CTA commitment, the lower the reply rate. So reducing the commitment level of your CTA will generally lead to more replies, but it may also lead to longer sales cycles or talking to the wrong prospects and generate noise.

It's important to note that although most CTAs presented here are best suited for cold email campaigns, a few of these call to action examples will be more suited to follow-ups or when a relationship has already been established.

Here is a detailed teardown of the CTA we will go through in this article:

1. CTAs for Scheduling Calls/Meetings


Low commitment:

  1. Are you available for a chat?
  2. How is your availability for a 10 min call this week?
  3. I’d love to share more on why you may need [PRODUCT] and how it can help [BENEFIT]. How’s {{=day}} next week look for a 15-minute call?
  4. Are you free for a call this Friday to discuss [MAIN BENEFIT]?
  5. Are you available for a quick call in the next days to see if [MY PRODUCT] aligns with your goals?
  6. When are you free to connect this week? You can use this link to book directly on my calendar.
  7. Can we target {{=bday+2}} afternoon to discuss [BENEFIT/PROBLEM]?
  8. What’s the best way to schedule 5 minutes to talk?
  9. Would you have some time next {{=day}} to discuss?
  10. If you find the spec interesting, should we set up a confidential chat?
  11. Can we grab time Thursday afternoon to see if [MY COMPANY] aligns with your goals for this year?
  12. Are you available for a quick meeting to discuss your use case and see if we can assist in any way?
  13. Do you think it could help {{}}? If so, happy to tell you how (here’s my calendar) or show you a demo.
  14. Would you be open to a high-level call to learn more?
  15. Do you have 10 minutes in the next few days to see how video can generate sales and reduce acquisition costs for {{}}?
  16. Would you have time {{=bday+2}} morning for a conversation?
  17. Want me to coordinate with your assistant?

High commitment:

  1. Are you available for a 20 minute chat on [MONTH] [DAY] at [HOUR] [TIMEZONE]?
  2. How about a quick 30 min call next {{=day}} at 4 pm [TIMEZONE] to discuss more?
  3. What will it take to get 25 minutes on your calendar next week?
  4. Can I steal you away for a 15-minute phone call tomorrow at 5 pm [TIMEZONE]?
  5. Let’s catch up for 15 mins. Just select any date and time on my calendar link.
  6. Please choose a date and time of your choice using this link.
  7. Please book a 15 mins slot at your convenience. Here is a link to my calendar.
  8. Would you have 10-15 minutes for a call on {{=bday+3}} at 11 am to discuss further?
  9. Are you available to talk later this week? Here is a link to my calendar:
  10. Can we get on call this {{bday+2}} 10 AM to discuss how we can help you solve [MAIN PROBLEM]?
  11. Do you have a quick 10 min to chat?
  12. Could I grab 10 min of your time to chat?
  13. Can you or someone on your team jump on a quick 14-minute call this week to explore?
  14. Would you have 20 minutes available this week or next for a personalized demo?
  15. Would you have 20 minutes available this week or next?

2. CTAs for Finding the Appropriate Person

Find the Appropriate Person

Weak CTA / non-existent:

  1. Please reply and let me know or feel free to forward this email thread to your colleague.

Low commitment:

  1. P.S. If there’s someone else at {{}} who should see this, feel free to forward this along.
  2. Would you be able to tell me who is responsible for {{prospect.custom.topic}} at your company and how I might get in touch with them?
  3. Any chance you might be able to point me in the right direction? Again, apologies if this email is completely outside your scope. I’d be sincerely grateful if you might be able to redirect my inquiry.
  4. Realize you are swamped…should I chat with someone else on your team?
  5. Are you the right person to speak about this? If not, who do you recommend I should contact?
  6. Just checking in to see if you’d had a chance to consider my email below or if you know any other {{prospect.title}} who may be interested?
  7. I was hoping to chat with someone responsible for {{prospect.custom.project}}, is that you? If not, could you point me to the right person?

High commitment:

  1. If you are the right person, does a call {{=bday+2}} work? If not, any help being pointed in the right direction would be much appreciated.
  2. Will you kindly refer me to the best person in your team who is responsible to achieve {{prospect.custom.goal}}?
  3. Who is the person responsible for {{prospect.custom.domain}} at your {{}} ?
  4. Who would you recommend I speak with to take this forward?

3. CTAs for Gaging Interest

Gaging Interest

Weak CTA / non-existent:

  1. Let me know if I can get on your dance card this week.
  2. Let me know if this is of interest.

Low commitment:

  1. What would your thoughts be on a purely exploratory call to determine if [MY COMPANY] can add value?
  2. Are you open to learning more about {{prospect.custom.topic}}?
  3. Worth a conversation, or no?
  4. Does this sound like something you would be interested in exploring, {{prospect.first_name}}?
  5. Are you contemplating {{prospect.custom.project}} this year?
  6. What’s the best way for us to connect?
  7. Is fixing this issue the topmost priority for you right now?
  8. Is this a problem that you are facing currently?
  9. Can you confirm with a yes/no if this a pain point you currently experience?
  10. Does that sound like something of interest to you?
  11. Are you interested in a partnership between [MY COMPANY] and {{}}?
  12. Which business challenge is the top priority now?
  13. Is this something that could be interesting to you?
  14. I was wondering if {{prospect.custom.topic}} played a role in your growth this year?
  15. Would you have any interest in trying something like this out?
  16. Reply *yes* and I’ll take care of the details.
  17. Is this something you would be interested in?
  18. Let me know if you are open to considering ideas currently and if this may be of interest?
  19. interested?

High commitment:

  1. Do you have a few minutes to connect and see if this is something that may be of value to you?
  2. What are the top two or three outcomes you’d like to see?
  3. Which is the biggest challenge holding you back from reaching your revenue goals?
  4. Do you have any need for {{prospect.custom.project}}?

4. CTAs for Sharing Content

Sharing Content

Weak CTA / non-existent:

  1. I thought you may find this article an interesting read. Hope you enjoy it!

Low commitment:

  1. Reply yes and I’ll send the report your way.
  2. Do I have your permission to send them to you?
  3. Would you like more details?
  4. Would you mind if I sent you a short video to explain how this may help?
  5. Can I share the event details and an invite code with you?
  6. Would you or a colleague like to take a closer look to explore how we can {{prospect.custom.solve-problem}} by up to X%?
  7. What’s the best way to reach you for a quick demo?

High commitment:

  1. Create an account and head to menu/download/reports to download the documents.

5. CTAs for Gift / Help / Offer / Exchange


Low commitment:

  1. Can I share a presentation that could help you improve your mobile conversion rates this year?
  2. What’s the best way to grab 15 min on your calendar to share some ideas? Also, I have included a link to a one-pager here.
  3. Do we have your permission to share a personalized video on how we can help you with {business goal }?
  4. Would you be interested in seeing a free study of how your {{prospect.custombusiness}} stacks up — compared to your top 3 competitors?
  5. Just reply with the letter for the topic that is the biggest struggle for you at {{}} and I’ll gladly share a few of my personal tips that have helped me with this.
  6. Would you mind if I tried to sell your {{prospect.custom.product}} to new clients?
  7. I am writing to you to see if you might be interested in participating in a video interview for this leadership solution?
  8. Send me [X, e.g. 3 of your competitors] and I’ll send you [OFFER, e.g a detailed report]
  9. Do [X] and I’ll do [Y]
  10. Can I send you a free sample/taster?

High commitment:

  1. As part of our introduction, we’re offering a free trial, giving you unlimited access to [PRODUCT]. Would you like to start a trial on our platform this week?

6. CTAs For Following-Up


Weak CTA / Non-existent:

  1. Just a quick note to follow-up on the email below. Kindly advise.
  2. In any event, I will add you to our newsletter to give you tips regarding video advertising (if you don’t want to, don’t hesitate to tell me).
  3. Simply reply when you get a moment to let me know.

Low commitment:

  1. Should I check back in a few months?
  2. If you are not interested or if this is not something you manage, please let me know so I don’t keep pestering you.
  3. Did you have any feedback on this? If this is not of interest to you, please just let me know and I won’t contact you again;)
  4. Would you have time early next week to catch up?
  5. Sorry did I do something wrong or are you just super busy?
  6. What did you think of the {{}} I sent over?
  7. Did you get a chance to review the email below?
  8. Just checking in to see if your situation has changed?
  9. Is this the right email?
  10. Is our {service/product} something you may be interested in, just at a later date? If so, when works well to follow up?
  11. I don’t want to bother you if there is no interest at {{}} but it would really help me to know either way if you’d like to explore this further?

High commitment:

  1. Are you free for a quick call today?
  2. Do you have time still this week to chat or can we connect next week?

Breaking Down Cold Email Success

A successful cold email campaign comes down to nailing all parts of it.

By "nailing all parts of it," I mean:

  1. A good cold email CTA = part of a successful cold email campaign

  2. A good cold email subject line = part of a successful cold email campaign

  3. A good cold email copy = part of a successful cold email campaign

To succeed with cold email outreach, nail these elements. ⬆️

The CTA examples we went through in this article will get you one step closer.

And if you want to really move the needle, taking advantage of the best cold email software out there can have one of the highest returns on investment.

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By Jeremy Chatelaine & Jack Reamer