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QuickMail is the cold outreach solution for smart teams and savvy marketeers asking for advanced metrics and superior deliverability.

Get replies instead of spam complaints.

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Works with Gmail, Outlook or any other inbox

Use Approved Gmail API for better deliverability
User gets reply, high email deliverability, high open rate and high reply rate

Are your Emails Getting Delivered?

Spam filters are getting smarter each year. Our solution monitors and maintains the health of your inbox so your emails have a greater chance to land in your recipientโ€™s inbox.


QuickMail Adapts to your Needs

For Agencies

All Clients in One Place

Have all your clients under one roof and shift between client profiles with just one click. Invite as many co-workers as you need to get the job done. Get to learn the actual cost per clients in real time.

Scale Campaigns with Ease

Ready to send more volume? Just add an inbox (or five) to your existing campaign and weโ€™ll start sending the same campaign from multiple inboxes. Forget dealing with the duplicated campaigns.


For Demand Generation

Improve Results with A/B Testing

Set up a campaign, send your first emails. Gather the stats, change things up. Rinse and repeat. With QuickMail, you don't need to set up a new campaign every time you want to make a small (or big) change.

Save Time With Automation

Prospect import, follow-ups, email verification, CRM, Zapier & webhooks... QuickMail lets you automate a ton of manual tasks, so you can focus on more important things like crafting a great message.


Quickmail's Agency Dashboard

Cold Outreach is a Team Effort

Collaboration is FREE by Default

Since we don't charge per team member, you can have your whole team, contractors & freelancers working together on your QuickMail account.

Peace of Mind Included With All Plans

Should you need it, all accounts come with a built-in audit log. All actions performed on your account are recorded automatically.

Quickmail's Audit Log

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And Get More Done.

Improve your workflow and boost your productivity by connecting other parts of your tech stack.

We integrate nativelly with CRMs like Hubspot, Pipedrive and have Zapier for everything in between.

Technical people will love our clean API and Webhook for 13 different live events.

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