The Company 

GrowthLabz is a B2B marketing agency based in Australia. Their primary focus is to deliver high-quality leads through outbound marketing from highly targeted industries.

Founded by Will Wang in 2017, GrowthLabz helps clients overcome challenges to drive qualified sales opportunities through cold email outreach.

GrowthLabz has helped over 100 clients grow with cold outreach.

The company serves Fintech and B2B Saas companies, also specializing in paid advertising, copywriting, and marketing funnel building.

The Challenge 

GrowthLabz was looking for a scalable channel that was effective for clients needing to target top business leaders and decision makers. Now, Will and his team focus primarily on cold outreach as the main driver of quality leads for their customers. To grow as a company, they needed a reliable email outreach platform that was scalable and flexible and empowered them to deliver incredible results

The Solution

Today, GrowthLabz relies on QuickMail to power cold outreach campaigns for almost all its clients. Using QuickMail, GrowthLabz has an average of 75% open rates, which is 31% above industry standard, and their outbound campaigns average a top tier 10-20% reply rate.

75%+ Open rates10-20% Reply rates31% Above Industry Standards

Building A Company With Outbound  

Will knows how powerful and impactful cold email can be– not only is it a core service he provides for his clients, but cold email outreach is also the way he built his own company.  

Using QuickMail, GrowthLabz has an average of 75% email open rates, which is 31% above industry standard, and their outbound campaigns have a healthy 10-20% reply rate.

Will started using QuickMail over 6 years ago when he first launched his agency. When you're starting out as a marketing agency, the first thing you need is clients. 

How did Will find clients? Cold outreach. 

“I used to use QuickMail exclusively for ourselves to get new clients. But one day, a client approached me and said, ‘You actually closed us with a cold email… would you consider doing cold outreach for me?’" 

That was 4 years ago. Since then, GrowthLabz has experienced incredible results from cold outreach campaigns for its own growth and for its clients. Now, Will offers cold email outbound to all his customers as the primary focus of their marketing services. 

Cold Outreach Outperforming Ads 

In GrowthLabz’s experience, media buying as a core lead acquisition strategy can be a rollercoaster. Media buying parameters can change at the drop of a dime. But cold outreach? It can deliver real results. 

A cold email can open a conversation. A conversation can open an opportunity. And an opportunity is all you need to land a sale. 

In one cold email campaign launched in January of 2024, GrowthLabz only targeted CFOs and CEOs of companies within Australia and achieved an 87% open rate and 42% reply rate. 

How did they do it? 

The best cold outreach is highly targeted. GrowthLabz’s goal is smaller-scale campaigns with higher-quality leads. 

You can easily spend a lot of money on ads with very little results,” remarks Will, “but most high-level executives and CEOs still live within their inbox.”

Not only are these cold email campaigns outperforming most average campaigns, but they are also resonating with the most important stakeholders of a company. For enterprise brands and high-value deals, cold email allows GrowthLabz to go directly to the company's decision-makers. 

It’s not just about having leads; it’s about having the right leads. We take lead generation entirely off our client’s plates— and QuickMail makes it easy for us to use cold email to get our customers high-quality leads,” says Will. 

Cold outreach has become a key driver of growth for GrowthLabz and their clients, and Will’s team is known for producing great results. Great results come from outreach campaigns that start conversations, and conversations are more capable of delivering higher-quality leads than ads

Why QuickMail 

A lot of other cold email platforms are “built by marketers, for marketers,” as Will puts it. And sometimes, that means the actual technical expertise of the platform is lacking. 

 “Other email platforms I've used aren’t technically where they need to be from an engineering perspective. The engineering behind QuickMail is actually powerful. QuickMail gets more emails into inboxes. The biggest thing you can do to impact your results is to get more emails into inboxes— if an email gets into an inbox, chances are it gets read."

Since first getting started with QuickMail, Will hasn't found another platform that matches their needs. 

"I've tested out every single email outreach platform just because our clients sometimes come to us with a requirement of actually having to use other platforms. But I've never found anything that replicates the results we get from QuickMail."

GrowthLabz ensures higher deliverability with QuickMail and enjoys being able to connect and use its own email servers. 

"I like how customizable it is in terms of the SMTP settings. We actually build our own email servers, so we don't just rely on Google or Microsoft. I know for a fact that other platforms don't even let you route to your own servers, whereas QuickMail has been amazing with that; it’s been super helpful in scaling, especially because we've got more control over how the emails are getting sent.”

It’s not just the engine behind QuickMail that ensures results, though. Agencies, marketers, and sales professionals need to customize and test different sending strategies to optimize for deliverability. 

That’s where QuickMail's split testing and segmentation capabilities come as a huge advantage for perfecting positioning and messaging. 

The split testing functionality is great. I like how you can have one campaign and multiple inboxes running a single campaign. But also within the campaign, you can split tests quite easily. And then, at a wider level, it can also do split testing of the main campaign. So it really quickly shows me my open rates, my reply rates, and how many opportunities have come through each segment.” 

With an average 75%+ open rate and 10-20% reply rate, GrowthLabz has fine-tuned cold email outreach into both an art and a science. QuickMail's deliverability and customization empower them to replicate results across all different kinds of industries and use cases. 

Driving Results with QuickMail 

At the end of the day, it’s not about open rates. It's about how many good leads come through. It’s about how many sales meetings are booked from cold outreach sequences. A cold email can start a conversation, and a conversation can create an opportunity for a sale. 

Having the right tool makes all the difference. The right email outreach platform gives flexibility, customization, optimization, and scalability for outbound campaigns-- large and small-- which is what helps you deliver high-quality leads. 

The proof is in the impact. In just 6 years, GrowthLabz has established itself as a premier B2B agency in its region, serving over a hundred clients with lead generation services powered by QuickMail. 

"I'd recommend QuickMail to B2B businesses who are serious about actually scaling a cold email campaign that works really well. I would recommend it to people who treat cold email or cold outreach as a key strategy to growing their business."

Looking ahead, GrowthLabz plans to continue innovating with new campaigns and industry verticals. At QuickMail, we’re excited to partner with GrowthLabz as they drive lead generation in the years to come.

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