QuickMail is a cold outreach platform for B2B sales teams who want to get more replies and better results from their outbound campaigns.

Avadel, a B2B growth agency, used QuickMail to power its outbound sales process and add $2.5 million in business within two years. Thanks to the rapid growth, Dave Valentine, CEO of Avadel, was able to exit the agency in 2023.

About Avadel

Avadel is an outsourced sales development representative agency founded by entrepreneur and agency growth expert, Dave Valentine. He started Avadel in 2019 and led the company through to exit it in 2023.

Avadel served clients across multiple industries, but with a focus on marketing agencies and B2B SaaS products.

Dave’s expertise in the space has landed him features in publications like Entrepreneur, TEDx, Forbes, NBC, and more.

Dave and Avadel needed an outbound sales tool like QuickMail to send emails on behalf of their clients and book meetings with decision-makers.

Results Snapshot

  • Avadel signed 89 new clients using QuickMail

  • Avadel added $347,000+ in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) using QuickMail

  • They booked 4.2x more meetings using QuickMail than with their previous cold outreach software

  • With the rapid revenue growth, Dave was able to successfully exit his agency 

Booking Meetings for Clients in Highly Competitive Industries

Anyone who has sent a cold email to a busy decision-maker before knows how hard it is to get a reply, even when you do everything by the book.

Before you even send a cold email, you need to consider challenges like email deliverability: if your emails aren’t landing in your recipient’s primary inbox, your campaign is dead in the water.

As you build your campaign, you need a way to easily add custom personalization to every email and prove to every prospect why your email is relevant to their unique needs.

If you’re running outreach at scale like Avadel, then you’ll also need a tool that allows you to bring multiple team members onto the platform and collaborate with ease to avoid operational headaches.

Combine these challenges with Avadel’s promise to clients — a minimum of eight meetings booked per month — and it’s clear why choosing the right outbound software was a critical task for Dave.

Wasting $700,000+ on Lackluster Outreach Platforms

Avadel’s journey to a successful exit wasn’t straightforward.

Most outreach platforms on the market are made for in-house sales teams rather than agencies.

Avadel needed to manage campaigns for multiple clients at once, and the team needed a platform that allowed them to:

  • Send thousands of emails per day

  • Reliably land in the primary inbox

  • Easily collaborate on campaign management

  • A simple process to manage replies at scale

  • Advanced analytics to track client campaign results

As you would expect, Avadel’s team was always looking for a competitive advantage. Dave told us that he extensively tested other cold outreach tools, including Lemlist, Apollo, and Instantly, but the results weren’t good. He even told us:

“Lemlist, Apollo, and Instantly cost Avadel $700,000+ over the course of two years.”

As well as costing Avadel money, Dave told us that these experiments almost killed the business due to email deliverability problems. 

“When Avadel moved to Instantly, our meeting booking numbers got chopped by 95%. It was a disaster and we lost a lot of clients because of it.”

He had a similar experience with Apollo, telling us:

“Apollo's deliverability was really poor. Our open rates went to a near-zero, our click-through rates were abysmal,  and our meeting book rate was nonexistent.”

His client campaigns went from consistently booking 8-15 meetings per month, to struggling to book even a single meeting. The only thing that changed was trying a new platform.

But, there was a silver lining. During Avadel’s search for the perfect outreach platform, the team discovered QuickMail.

How QuickMail Solved Avadel’s Outreach Challenges

QuickMail is an outbound sales platform made to help you start more conversations with qualified prospects.

Agencies like Avadel choose QuickMail for a few reasons:

  • It’s easy to build personalized, multi-channel campaigns with automatic follow-ups

  • Deliverability tools mean you’ll never worry about landing in the spam folder

  • Teams can manage all sales conversations in a shared inbox

  • Advanced analytics help data-driven teams improve their decision-making

  • Collaboration is free by default and you don’t need to pay for every team member you need using the platform

Dave highlighted that he particularly liked the team-focused Opportunities Inbox feature in QuickMail: 

“Instead of logging in and logging out of 80-100 email aliases every day, we're able to get in and look at the Opportunities Inbox and respond in minutes as opposed to hours — which is what we used to have to do with some of the other platforms.”

Some of the other major benefits that Dave’s team found using QuickMail were:

  • The easy-to-use interface made it simple for any team member to set up new campaigns or edit existing campaigns

  • The audit log improved visibility into every team member’s activity, which was key for Dave to see a high-level overview of what everyone was working on

When Avadel found QuickMail, they were able to build more effective campaigns that landed in the primary inbox, allowing Avadel to work more productively and spend more time on what matters: booking meetings for clients.

Dave told us: “If you're looking to generate new business, there's no better platform than QuickMail to start sending cold emails and see new business meetings roll in.”

Adding $347,000+ in Monthly Revenue with QuickMail

As soon as Avadel started using QuickMail to run its cold outreach, Dave saw the benefits.

He told us:

“QuickMail booked 4.2x more meetings than the previous outreach software we used.”

For a performance-driven company like Avadel, a 4.2x improvement in meeting booking rate is monumental.

This boost in meetings booked meant Avadel’s existing clients were happier, more likely to continue using Avadel’s services, and made it easy for Dave’s team to prove the value of their services to new clients.

Dave opened up and told us that in under two years, QuickMail allowed Avadel to add $347,000 in monthly recurring revenue.

At the core of it, QuickMail enabled Dave’s team to do what they do best: build winning outreach campaigns and get results for their clients. 

Growing Avadel to $2.5m in Revenue and a Successful Exit

QuickMail exists to help businesses grow using cold outreach.

There’s no doubt that Avadel’s team were excellent at their craft. But, the right tools were essential to unlock their potential and hit the targets they needed to.

Cold outreach isn’t without its challenges. At times, Avadel was close to shutting down as other cold outreach tools were causing major email deliverability problems and reducing the number of meetings booked for clients to near zero.

 He summarized his experiences by saying:

“Lemlist was exorbitantly expensive, and we saw diminishing returns on results. Instantly nearly killed our business. Apollo works for sourcing contacts, but doesn’t have the ability to land in inboxes the way QuickMail does.” 

When Dave and his team discovered QuickMail, they were able to solve their problems immediately. 

The collaboration features made it easy for a large agency to manage multiple client accounts and track employee activity.

The email deliverability features, such as Inbox Rotation and the email warm-up integration, ensured Avadel’s campaigns consistently landed in the primary inbox, boosting reply rates.

The campaign builder ensured every email was personalized and maximized potential results.

The advanced analytics made it simple to track results and link client campaigns back to real revenue.

In short, QuickMail has everything that a fast-growing agency like Avadel needs to deliver results for its clients.

Dave said: “If I was down to my last few dollars, I would spend them spinning up campaigns in QuickMail to generate new business.”

Start Conversations and Book Meetings with QuickMail

If you want to start more conversations with prospects — just like Avadel did — QuickMail is for you.

You can:

  • Send multi-channel outbound campaigns to start more conversations with prospects

  • Automatically follow up across any channel to boost response rates

  • Land in the primary inbox every single time with powerful deliverability tools

  • Track your results with advanced AI-based analytics

  • Bring every team member onboard to manage your campaigns at no extra cost

The best way to discover how QuickMail can help you fill your calendar with meetings is to get started with a 14-day, risk-free trial.

About Dave

Dave Valentine is a CEO, speaker, business coach, and strategist. He's been featured in Forbes, ABC News, Fox, TEDx, NBC, and Entrepreneur. Currently, Dave is leading Dream Agency Quest, which helps agency owners grow, scale, and sell their agencies for top value. Learn more about Dave and his services on his website.