David and Wyatt of Demio, a SaaS webinar solution, had one ambitious goal: to generate as many customers as they could in 7 days, without breaking the bank.

So, they decided to use run their outbound prospecting campaigns with QuickMail in order to book more demos and close deals quickly, with predictability.

They wanted to book more meetings & close new customer deals ⁠— quickly

They decided the best strategy would be to email decision-makers at their target companies.

But they knew it would be too time-consuming to write each email manually (and remember to follow up), so they turned to QuickMail.

Here is the exact email that brought them new business opportunities and deals:

saas cold email template

The result: Hundreds of new customers in just 7 days

The result? The team’s Calendly schedules were completely booked, with back-to-back meetings with prospects excited to learn about Demio.

Here is a screenshot of their calendar, filled with demos:

outbound prospecting

Tips & Approach

Demio’s outbound prospecting campaigns were very deliberate and thoughtful.

Here are some steps that David mentioned helped bring them such success:

  • Focus on the problem and pain you are solving for the prospect
  • Find the gatekeeper/decision-maker at the company and contact them directly
  • Build a list using inbound marketing or buy a list from an external source
  • Write extremely short, personal emails to prospects.
  • Always ask a question at the end of the email. Do NOT ask for the sale yet.
  • The goal of your email should be to start a conversation and schedule a call
  • Once you get to the demo call, learn more about their pain points and then show your demo after learning more about the prospect.