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The environment is really challenging given that we are a small team and is currently growing at a fast pace. One of the things that I like the most is how stunning my colleagues are.
Support at QuickMail

Who are we?

This is us at our team retreat in Bangkok.

We are working 100% remotely but every year we meet in one place in person for an intense week of work and fun.

Not having to deal with politics and red tape is liberating. Egos don’t matter (including the founder’s), outcomes do. You’re encouraged to grow and help others grow.
Marketing at QuickMail

The culture deck

At QuickMail, our mission is to help 1M business grow each month with outreach. To help us succeed, we have a unique way of working together. Our employee culture is detailed in this document. If it inspires you - you could be a great fit for the team.

QuickMail Culture Deck

Working at QuickMail is not for everyone

QuickMail is a high pace & challenging environment with amazing colleagues.

Our 3 core values are not just fancy writings on the wall, we have systems in place to make sure we live by them.

🧠 Deep Understanding

We ask the hard questions to understand, even when we are the only one who did not understand in a meeting.

We are relentless when it comes to understanding, even when it's intellectually challenging.

We believe deep understanding is the foundation of excellence.

🏃 Problem Solving

We take action to solve problems, not just uncover them. There is minimal red-tape at QuickMail, we use "I intend to do..." instead of "Can I do...?" 

We are drivers, not passengers and act in the best interest of QuickMail. Building a business is a team sport where everyone plays an important role.

"In dynamic, high growth environments there is a premium on drivers. People who make things happen, who move dials, who stop at literally nothing." - Frank Slootman

👓 Radical Candor

No politics, giving and receiving feedback is a gift we practice continuously with everyone.

We believe in helpful advice over social comfort. If you are defensive whenever we give feedback (see our stance on excuses), you will not have a fun ride. On the other hand if you are strong on personal improvement, this is definitely the place to be.

Challenging and rewarding. You're constantly pushed to reach new levels both professionally and personally. If you want to evolve fast, this is the place for you.
Marketing at QuickMail


💰 Fair Salary + Team Objective Bonus.

💻 100% Remote.

🏝 Paid vacation + Sick leave.

🛫 Annual in-person company retreat somewhere in the world in October.

💵 Open Book Management - Understand how the business works from within.

It's great. We develop interesting things, there is no artificial pressure for delivering features. We make sure that things are ready for release. We all aim to succeed and are eager to learn new things. Not afraid of owning mistakes.
Developer at QuickMail

Team Retreat

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