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QuickMail alternatives

QuickMail is not for everyone.

Our customers praise us for high deliverability, flexible workflows, and helpful support. Some people’s priorities (and tasks) are different, and that’s ok. 

Here are several QuickMail alternatives to help you figure out if another tool could be a better fit for your needs.

A QuickMail alternative to work in the Gmail interface: GMass

GMass is a cold outreach tool that’s built specifically for GMail users. It doesn’t work with anything but GSuite, but in Google’s realm, it’s a very strong QuickMail alternative for personal efficiency.

They have all the baseline tools you might need when doing outreach from Gmail, and then some – mass sending, automatic follow-ups, personalization and even scheduling. 

If you’re trying to send your cold outreach from Gmail and have no time or desire to set up a predictable sales engine, GMass is a decent alternative to QuickMail.

QuickMail alternatives for when making cold calls is the primary activity: &

We’re bundling these two together because they’re both very similar, and both cater to big enterprise customers. 

If you need a tool to help individual salespeople in a big team perform their tasks efficiently, or may be the tool for you. 

Keep in mind, though, that you’ll have to deal with minimum long term contracts and high prices per seat that come with it.

A QuickMail alternative for one off simple campaigns: Mailshake

Mailshake is a sales engagement tool that’s decent for people who don't need a lot of flexibility for their campaigns. If you plan to send campaigns from more than one inbox, Mailshake is not a match for your needs.

Price-wise, they do charge per seat. So people who plan to bring their entire team need to prepare to either pay for every individual user or share credentials.

A QuickMail alternative that does everything at a basic level: Lemlist

Lemlist is a tool that’s famous for its hipster appeal. They certainly know how to market themselves but you'll very quickly reach the limits of the tool when running real-world campaigns. 

Someone who doesn’t need anything too complicated (and doesn’t mind an emoji barrage every now and then) may very well be content with Lemlist. 

Just like most other tools, Lemlist charges per user. So be ready to share credentials or pay extra for each team member that you need onboarded or inbox you need to add. 

A QuickMail alternative for when deliverability is not that important to you: Woodpecker

Woodpecker lets you send your emails out from an intuitive interface. For people who have no desire to figure things out, that can be a big plus.

It's also one of the few QuickMail alternatives that won't be charging you per seat. Props to them.

When it comes to delivering cold emails, though, we hear people complain about having their inboxes flagged and inconsistent delivery.