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The QuickMail Auto-Warmer

Need better deliverability?

Google announced that auto-warmer solutions will no longer be allowed on their API and that any tool that continues offering email warmup will have its access to the API revoked. 

Any tool not using the Google API is sending more of your emails to spam.

To protect your deliverability and remain a reliable, robust solution you can build on - we replaced our feature with a native integration to

With the integration, email warm-up is still free for all QuickMail users.


Better Deliverability = Better Results

QuickMail is a cold email tool that is laser-focused on getting your emails into people’s inboxes.

Take advantage of our advanced technology (Inbox Rotation, Email Verification, Custom Domain Tracking, Human-Like Sending...) to boost your email deliverability and get more replies.

Want to know more?

Here's QuickMail in 52 seconds.

Cold emails and timed follow-ups? As many as you want. With copy variations, A/B-tests, to-do steps, webhooks, and much more. Do whatever you want.

Email warmup integration? Yes indeed. While we no longer deliver our own auto-warmer service, we offer full integration with warm-up tool Mailflow, so you can ensure your emails don’t end up in spam. Oh yes - and it’s completely FREE for QuickMail users.

The real-time auto-warmer score is a handy feature too, with a score generated for each inbox to give you the full picture when it comes to deliverability. 

Free SPK and DKIM monitoring? Taken care of. Along with free blacklist and domain monitoring too. That should keep your reputation squeaky clean.

Inbox rotation? We invented it. Scale any campaign up and down by just selecting how many inboxes should send it. No campaign management hell here.

CRM integration? Our native HubSpot and Pipedrive integrations let you sync data and events both ways and are actually useful. 

Zapier integration? Obviously. 13 triggers and actions that will work with the rest. 

Advanced analytics? Sure thing. With send-day attribution you'll have crystal clear insight to stay ahead of pesky deliverability problems. Take it a step further and see exactly when campaign changes impact your results.

Linkedin integration? Yep. We’re all about omni-channel outreach. Use campaign sequences to automate outreach via email, Linkedn, calls and SMS.

Reliability? 99.99% uptime is the lowest we've ever had. That's less than 1 hour of downtime per year, mostly during nighttime maintenance. 

Caring customer support? Hell yes! Our customers aren't getting canned replies, ever. They're getting their questions answered and their problems solved.

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Their support really understands the platform. They have a smaller team of really dedicated and smart people who KNOW the software.

Luke Marlowe
Luke Marlowe
Lead generation agency owner

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