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Make every conversation have an impact

A centralized inbox so you never miss a reply

Running multiple inboxes is great for deliverability – but can make follow up a mess. Quickmail gives you the ability to centralize all replies in one place so you never miss a response.

My team and I are able to split the inbox among the group and work on bundles at any given time. It allows us to effectively manage multiple clients' inboxes all at once.
Vlad B.
Email Marketer

Is your current platform letting replies slip through the cracks?

A single inbox view speeds up reply handling and helps you close deals faster.


✓ Handle replies from all your inboxes in one place

✓ All emails from prospects are detected - not just replies

✓ CC, BCC, new threads - all conversations are detected

Thoughtful AI to help where it matters most

If you’re spending time marking unsubscribes or do not contacts, that’s time that could be spent selling. Quickmails AI features helps you eliminate all of the administrative work that typically comes with cold outbound.


✓ Assign sentiment to responses & handle unsubscribe requests

✓ Detect out-of-office responses and follow-up once they return

✓ Start a prospect on a follow-up campaign based on their reply

We created email sequences that worked from day one. The workflows have had an instant positive effect on my work.
Denym B.

Handle replies as a team

In managing lower-level employees who handle replies, it's crucial to maintain a smooth workflow, regardless of out-of-office notifications or sick days. Ensure that your team can promptly address positive replies, even when the original sender is occupied with other tasks. Utilize Quickmail to delegate reply responsibilities effectively and avoid allowing a single point of failure to slow down your deal cycles.


✓ See a timestamp of how long each lead has been waiting

✓ Read, label, and triage responses without marking it ‘read’

✓ Assign responses to the best team member for follow up

✓ Team members can respond from any inbox in the account

✓ Monitor all conversations in one place to ensure consistent performance

Never miss another opportunity

Close more deals with a more powerful platform.

We were seeing decent success with Lemlist at the time, but tried some test campaigns in QuickMail. It immediately became clear we needed to make a switch since the QuickMail campaigns were booking 4.2x more meetings...
Agency Founder/CEO

Why QuickMail?

Nobody drops the ball. A timestamp of the last response is clearly visible for all active opportunities so it's clear who needs a follow-up. If a prospect wants you to check back in 2 weeks (or 2 months), no problem. Snooze opportunities for any length of time - even if you're out of office, your team can follow-up from your inbox.

Every reply gets handled right. See all replies generated from your campaign in one place and assign them to the best team member for the conversation. Everyone sees their assigned opportunities first for quick follow up. You can easily monitor all conversations to ensure consistent performance across your team.

Informed decisions for bigger results. We've all had a campaign that seemed promising with sky-high open & click rates that totally flopped for actual conversions. With QuickMail, you can evaluate each campaign's reply sentiment, # of meetings booked, and dollar value of deals won. Get the attribution you need to make campaign decisions that move the dial.

Performance our customers love

✓ Proven deliverability at scale - individual accounts sending 40k+ emails daily.

"The deliverability in QuickMail is amazing. We are getting 40-80% open rates & response rates and booking more meetings than we can handle." - Matthew F. B2B Marketer, G2 Review

✓ Trusted by 200+ of the world's leading demand generation agencies.

"By send volume - we book 4X more meetings in QuickMail than our previous platform. The visibility on deliverability scores for each inbox is SO helpful." - Rachel H. Agency CPO, G2 Review

✓ Google accredited platform leading the industry for 9 years.

“QuickMail helped me get the first paying clients for my business and it's still at the core of our lead generation.” - Maksymilian M. Head of Technology, G2 Review

✓ Thousands of happy users...

"I switched over to in Sept and since then my business has exploded. Thanks!" - Marcel H. Founder and CEO, G2 Review

"QuickMail helped me grow my business!" - Chris M. Founder, G2 Review

"Awesome experience, QuickMail team & product rocks!" - Nejc. CEO, G2 Review

If there was an award for overall 'best functioning and well built' saas platform I think QuickMail deserves it.
Luke Marlowe
Agency Founder

Never miss another opportunity

Close more deals with a more powerful platform.

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