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Thanks for your cold email outreach!

I know it's probably not the response you expected, but we'll have to agree that this is better than no response.

What the hell, Jeremy?

OK, to tell the truth, I pointed to this page to save me time and give me the opportunity to give back. 

I could have just replied "unsubscribe", "take me off your list" like we are to in cold outreach but I believe the outreach I received has good chances of being significantly better (and get me to reply properly, which I do when the email follows certain rules)

Two lines. Tops.

That's what it took before sharing this URL with you. I get many many cold emails every single week and 2 lines are all it takes for me to decide if this is worth my time reading or not.

Doing cold outreach is hard. Cheap tactics, lazy copy, no research & spray and pray only leads to more problems with deliverability and people claiming that cold email doesn't work.

"Cold email doesn't work, Jeremy."

When I do demos of QuickMail, I usually use my own account to show the product and people can see firsthand that cold email works quite nicely.

Lead generation agencies with literally hundredths of accounts with us also beg to differ. It can work very well indeed.

For many years (4 so far), I've been animating a podcast on cold email outreach. Tune in. If you are like most of our listeners, chances are you'll send me an email one day to thank me for all the great tips and a much-improved positive response rate. After all, you got my email already :)

And if you are dedicated to making cold outreach a successful part of your sales funnel, why not sign up to our eight-day 101 course on how to get exponentially better results out of cold outreach. 

100% practical, 0% bullshit, 100% free.

The best part is, I'm not selling anything in that course. I believe in reciprocity, and therefore I give as much value as I can for free, and people naturally try my product (win/win).

The email course is free and you can always unsubscribe at any time.

Try it and see how it will impact the campaign and the email you sent me. Chances are you'll be glad I sent you to this page :)

Enter your first name and email and see for yourself. Good luck!

Get lots of tips for better replies :)

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