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QuickMail Optimize

Get insights you can’t get anywhere else

Optimize for metrics that matter, forget the ones that don’t

QuickMail gives your team deeper metrics past open rates and reply rates. Run A/Z tests, identify the best sending days, and run sentiment analysis to get more positive replies.

Great for A/B testing and messaging optimization…testing & personalization capabilities enabled big performance improvements.
Greyson F.

Track open rates by when they were sent, not opened

Every outreach platform takes a time-stamp and reports the day that “open” occurs.

Depending on how advanced a platform is, you can likely see that activity reported by the week, maybe even the day.

But…what can you do with that? Nothing.

To pinpoint deliverability shifts, optimize scheduling, and improve performance - you need to track those opened emails by when they were sent.

Bigger results from better cold outreach

Get the insights you need to optimize performance.

Find out why people unsubscribe

Just looking at unsubscribe rates tells you nothing. Understanding why people unsubscribe can help you optimize your list, message, or schedule future outreach.

QuickMail gives you detailed feedback on why people unsubscribe.

This is by far the best tool I've ever used to do cold email outreach… The reporting on the campaigns is extremely detailed which makes it easier to make better data-driven decisions.
Mostafa R.
Business Owner

Optimize for positive replies, not any reply

Using sentiment analysis, Quickmail gives you the full picture of your replies. No more sifting through responses to know if they are good or bad.


✓ Assigns and reports reply sentiment

✓ Add prospects to new follow up campaigns based on reply sentiment

✓ Gives clarity on your most valuable campaigns

Unlimited split testing to figure out exactly what drives pipeline

One or two words, or a different CTA, can impact response rates 40%+. Quickmail gives you unlimited split tests so you can find what drives more deals faster.

Unlimited campaign variations paired with analytics gives your team the information they need to drive more revenue.

Performance our customers love

✓ Proven deliverability at scale - individual accounts sending 40k+ emails daily.

"The deliverability in QuickMail is amazing. We are getting 40-80% open rates & response rates and booking more meetings than we can handle." - Matthew F. B2B Marketer, G2 Review

✓ Trusted by 200+ of the world's leading demand generation agencies.

"By send volume - we book 4X more meetings in QuickMail than our previous platform. The visibility on deliverability scores for each inbox is SO helpful." - Rachel H. Agency CPO, G2 Review

✓ Google accredited platform leading the industry for 9 years.

“QuickMail helped me get the first paying clients for my business and it's still at the core of our lead generation.” - Maksymilian M. Head of Technology, G2 Review

✓ Thousands of happy users...

"I switched over to in Sept and since then my business has exploded. Thanks!" - Marcel H. Founder and CEO, G2 Review

"QuickMail helped me grow my business!" - Chris M. Founder, G2 Review

"Awesome experience, QuickMail team & product rocks!" - Nejc. CEO, G2 Review

Quickmail is straightforward and easy to use with great reporting capabilities.
Maddi D.
Operations Manager

Bigger results from better cold outreach

Get the insights you need to optimize performance.

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