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Prospect List Template [Free Download]

Are you looking for a way to track the contact details of your prospects with a prospect list template?

Tired of keeping everything in your head, or scattered in multiple places?

This spreadsheet template (XLSX) works in Excel or Google Sheets and provides an easy way of keeping track of prospect details like name, email, company name, company size, notes, follow-up date, and more.

You can also customize it to suit your needs.


prospect list template spreadsheet

Keep all of your prospect info in one place

Create a prospect list & win more sales deals. With everything in one place, you can record the contact details of your prospects and go back later to review.

It’s also important to have the option to add notes about your prospects so that you can later recall vital details when you contact them later to close a deal.

Without a system in place, it can be difficult to keep track of your prospect’s email, name, company, phone, and more.

A spreadsheet template can help you keep track of your prospects and leads while saving time.

Easy-to-use spreadsheet template

Keep track of the details that matter with a spreadsheet.

Never forget a contact

Create a prospect list & win more sales deals.

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