Supercharge Your Sales With Email Tracking, Bulk Send, Clicks & Opens

QuickMail is the top Yesware alternative, chosen by leading sales teams worldwide.

With easy-to-use customization features, it is a powerful tool for sales teams looking to gain more responses and warm up leads on auto-pilot.

A more robust solution with personalization to increase your response rate.

Noteworthy Features

Take your sales to the next level with outbound email tracking, bulk sending, reply detection, click tracking, and customization.

  • Email Tracking, Click & Open Detection

Import prospects and create a template. Each email will look like it was personally crafted!

  • Powerful, Flexible Customization Capabilities

Customize your messages and automation actions to generate more responses from prospects.

  • Automated Follow Up Email Sequences

Create different sequences for different prospects, based on their interests. Add multiple follow-up steps.

  • Built-In Error Prevention

Have you ever received a “Hello [firstname]” mistake in an email? We prevent this from happening automatically.

Mass Emails With a Human Touch

Personalized Messages With Automated Follow-Ups

  • Import your leads and create different groups and sequences for your messages
  • Send out many messages in one click, then track opens and clicks
  • Create multi-step follow-up automation rules to eliminate tedious manual work
  • Sit back and watch the replies roll in from your prospects!

Warm-Up Your Prospects on Auto-Pilot

Custom Automation Rules to Save You Time

As your needs evolve and you’re looking to close more deals, customization becomes increasingly more important.

People reply to emails that are relevant and personalized and don’t look like mass emails.

With our easy-to-use customization options, you can be sure that your email outreach approach is intelligently targeted and customized for the types of prospects you’re reaching out to — each and every time.

Plus, this tool takes into account situations like out-of-office replies. It covers all your bases so that you can focus on closing more deals.

Start Your Free Trial Today — Easy Setup

Our customers are saving time and closing deals by putting their outbound email outreach campaigns on auto-pilot.

After importing contacts (one click) and creating custom sequences that prospects will respond to, they are able to sit back and watch the responses roll in. No need to manually follow up each time; the system takes care of that for you! 

In addition to email tracking, bulk sending, reply detection and click tracking, you can set up custom automation rules for every step of the process (saving you time and money).