Collin Stewart, the CEO of Predictable Revenue and a host of the Predictable Revenue podcast blends his entrepreneurial spirit with a unique sales and team-building background. His approachable nature is captured in his self-description as a "failed musician" with a sense of humor.

Professional Highlights:

  • Extensive Sales Experience: With over ten years in B2B sales, Collin has honed his skills in both selling and building effective sales strategies.

  • Founding Journey: As the founder of two companies, he has navigated the challenges of starting and scaling businesses, focusing on identifying and achieving product-market fit.

  • Predictable Revenue's Growth: Successfully bootstrapped Predictable Revenue, growing it to a multi-million dollar company. He played a pivotal role in merging his software company with Aaron Ross's venture, forming the current Predictable Revenue.

  • Podcast Host: With more than 300 episodes, the Predictable Revenue Podcast offers insights into sales, marketing, and business growth, featuring conversations with industry experts.

Contributions and Leadership:

  • Building Revenue Teams: Expert in assembling and nurturing high-performing revenue teams, demonstrated in growing Predictable Revenue's team to 11 members.

  • Startup Enthusiast: Passionate about the startup environment, Collin offers a platform for those eager to learn about sales development and make a tangible impact in a growing company.

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