Marquis is a seasoned Business Process Consultant with a specialized focus on improving systems and optimizing processes within the agency landscape. With over 15 years of hands-on experience working in and consulting for various agencies, he has become an expert in standardizing operating systems and streamlining processes to enhance efficiency and productivity.

His extensive background in agency work has led to remarkable successes. In his consultancy, Ditto, which was acquired after only two years in business, Marquis provided tailored solutions that resulted in significant growth and operational improvements. Prior to Ditto, he founded an Inbound Marketing Agency, where he applied his expertise to drive client success before making a strategic exit.

Marquis’s passion extends beyond process optimization; he is deeply committed to eliminating burnout in the workplace. Understanding the unique pressures that agency leaders and their teams face, he has developed strategies to overcome stress and burnout, enabling organizations to focus on creativity and innovation.

His results-driven approach has earned him recognition and respect in the industry, and he continues to share his insights through his podcast, In Systems We Trust. When he’s not working with businesses to transform their operations, Marquis enjoys reading, photography, kayaking, playing bass, and spending quality time with his family and dog, Taco.