Mike Reid is Co-Founder of Dent Global, a global training and advisory company that runs business accelerators for the founders of 6-7 figure revenue service firms. Dent is best known for the Key Person of Influence Accelerator, designed to help founders become more visible, valuable, and well connected ‘Key People of Influence’ in their industries.

With offices in the UK, USA, Singapore, and Australia, Dent’s Accelerators connect delegates to some of the world’s most respected entrepreneurs and industry leaders as mentors. Based on the success of their clients, Dent has been recognized by Entrepreneur.com as ‘One of the top business growth accelerators in the world’.

Mike has always been driven by a thirst for success. By the age of 25, Mike was appointed co-director of Dent’s Australian subsidiary, and by 27, joined the global board of directors of Dent Global. Since starting with the company as a university graduate, Mike has consistently executed highly successful large-scale promotional campaigns—generating tens of millions of dollars of new business—contributing to Dent placing 63rd on BRW’s ‘Fast Starters’ List in 2014.

Mike is passionate about making life and work matter. his approach is real and genuine, not being afraid to address the harsh truths of business, while leaving his audience feeling uplifted with a pathway for growth. He is now helping lead the next wave of Dent’s global expansion which will include operations in 12 cities around the world within the next 10 years.