The sales landscape is always changing. It's super important for sales folks to keep up with the latest trends, strategies, and insights to stay on top of their game.

Newsletters offer a concise, curated way to consume the latest industry knowledge.

Whether you're improving how you connect with people, getting the hang of managing customer info, or just figuring out how to sell better, these newsletters have many useful tips for every part of selling.

Check out this handy guide to find the top sales newsletters of 2024. Each has valuable insights for navigating the sales world like a pro.

The Role of Sales Newsletters

Sales newsletters have become pivotal tools for sales professionals, offering curated insights, industry news, expert opinions, and practical tips.

These newsletters are your go-to source for learning, staying motivated, and connecting with the global sales community.

They break down sales wisdom into easy-to-understand nuggets that you can use immediately in your strategies.

14 Best Sales Newsletters

1. QuickMail Newsletter: Your Gateway to Better Cold Outreach Results

QuickMail Newsletter Page Overview

Overview: With the QuickMail Newsletter, you can increase the effectiveness of your outreach efforts. With its focus on delivering clear, actionable guidance, the newsletter empowers subscribers to elevate their cold outreach techniques.

Subscriber Benefits: When you join the QuickMail community, you will be welcomed with an exclusive CTA Swipe File that includes 98 call-to-action templates.

Subscription Flexibility: Subscribers have complete flexibility and can opt out whenever they choose. This allows individuals to customize their subscription experience based on their changing preferences and needs.

Content and Frequency: QuickMail subscribers receive valuable insights into effective cold outreach techniques. Through weekly newsletters, members gain strategies specifically designed to refine outreach methodologies and achieve better results.

Unique Selling Point: The QuickMail newsletter is packed with proprietary data and insights from their platform. The real value point is the expertise shared by the founder Jeremy Chatelaine who wrote the book on cold email.

2. Sam Nelson Newsletter

Sam Nelson Newsletter Page Overview

Overview: Sam's newsletter is an invaluable resource for sales development representatives (SDRs). It provides clear and friendly guidance on outbound strategies, along with actionable tips. Focused on the transformative power of email marketing, Sam's newsletters are a rich source of knowledge for enhancing sales outreach.

Target Audience: This newsletter can help sales development representatives (SDRs) refine their email outreach skills. It's particularly beneficial for those seeking to craft compelling email subject lines and adopt best practices from leading industry experts.

Content and Frequency: Even though Sam has only released 12 editions, each newsletter is available on the website. This allows newcomers to easily access the archive. It covers a range of topics, from writing epic email subjects to sharing sales wisdom.

Unique Selling Point: Subscribers learn outbound strategies and how to use email marketing strategically to increase sales. SDRs will appreciate Sam's newsletter for its tailored advice on sales prospecting and email engagement.

3. Jill Konrath Newsletter

Jill Konrath Newsletter Page Overview

Overview: Jill's newsletter provides insight into the psychological foundations of sales and marketing. With her unique focus on the buyer's mindset and journey, it offers a fresh perspective on sales strategies.

Target Audience: Sales professionals, marketers, and anyone interested in understanding the psychological aspects of buying and selling. 

Content and Frequency: Subscribers receive regular insights into the psychology behind sales, including strategies aligned with the buyer's journey. The newsletter is a gateway to Jill's extensive library of sales articles, which have been read over 1.4 million times.

Unique Selling Point: Each member receives an exclusive "sales meeting worksheet," designed to make sales meetings more effective. Jill combines psychological insights with actionable sales strategies to provide subscribers with a complete toolkit for sales success.

4. Prospecting From The Trenches

Prospecting From The Trenches Page

Overview: Created by Florin Tatulea, a seasoned expert in outbound sales, this newsletter brings field-tested sales tips to the forefront. Tatulea's background in building successful outbound programs lends authenticity and depth to the content.

Target Audience: Sales professionals tired of generic advice and seeking practical, proven strategies.

Content and Frequency: Tatulea's weekly newsletter covers generative AI, email marketing, and account executive strategies, focusing on tactical advice.

Unique Selling Point: The newsletter stands out for its no-nonsense, practical advice from someone deeply involved in the sales trenches.

5. Gong Newsletter

Gong Newsletter Page Overview

Overview: Gong's The Edge is a monthly recap of the latest sales and team-building information.

Target Audience: Sales leaders and professionals interested in data-driven insights and strategies for team building and leadership.

Content and Frequency: Wright's monthly newsletter covers scaling, sales training, and leadership.

Unique Selling Point: The Edge offers a unique perspective by providing insights based on data and successful practices from one of the leading sales software companies.

6. Marketing Brew

Marketing Brew Newsletter Page

Overview: Marketing Brew combines industry news with actionable insights for the latest marketing and sales news.

Target Audience: Professionals interested in the intersection of marketing and sales, including social media trends, advertising strategies, and brand developments.

Content and Frequency: It provides five-day updates on marketing trends, industry news, and insider information, making it a valuable tool for staying on top of marketing trends.

Unique Selling Point: Marketing Brew distinguishes itself by blending timely news coverage and in-depth analyses, bringing complex topics to life.

7. Content Marketing Insights

Content Marketing Insights Newsletter Page

Overview: Devin Reed is Gong's Head of Content and has a rich sales background. This newsletter offers insights for those looking to transition from sales to marketing. 

As an Account Executive at Gong and a pivotal marketer at the company, Reed's experience lends a unique perspective to the content.

Target Audience: Employees in the marketing and sales departments who want to integrate content marketing strategies into their sales processes. Ideal for those seeking to harness the power of content to drive sales and business growth.

Content and Frequency: Published every Saturday, the newsletter offers insightful strategies and straightforward tactics. It provides insight into content marketing, content strategies, and how to master LinkedIn branding.

Unique Selling Point: Reed's dual expertise in sales and marketing and his experience at Gong enable him to offer unique insights into content creation and sales. As a result of this unique combination, subscribers can gain theoretical knowledge as well as practical, implementable strategies.

8. SalesFolk Newsletter

SalesFolk Newsletter Page

Overview: Heather R Morgan's SalesFolk focuses on the art and science of cold emailing. It offers strategies and templates to improve outreach success.

Target Audience: Sales professionals looking to enhance their cold outreach efficacy.

Content and Frequency: A weekly schedule delves into the dos and don'ts of cold emailing, providing readers with templates and strategies to craft compelling emails.

Unique Selling Point: Morgan's expertise and success in the field make this newsletter unique in its focus on cold email strategy.

9. Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker Newsletter Page

Overview: Sales Hacker covers various topics relevant to modern sales professionals, such as lead generation, sales enablement, and diversity within sales.

Target Audience: Sales professionals of all levels, from beginners to those looking for advanced strategies and insights into sales management and operations.

Content and Frequency: This weekly newsletter focuses on actionable strategies and the latest sales trends with articles, guides, and community discussions.

Unique Selling Point: Sales Hacker's community-driven approach offers a dynamic learning environment. It combines expert insights with real-world experiences from sales professionals.

10. The CRM Lab

The CRM Lab Newsletter Page

Overview: Published by NetHunt, The CRM Lab newsletter is a comprehensive guide on how to leverage CRM strategies for sales and marketing success.

Target Audience: Sales and marketing professionals looking to deepen their understanding of CRM systems

Content and Frequency: Delivered biweekly, this newsletter covers lead generation, lead nurturing, and industry research.

Unique Selling Point: The focus on CRM strategies and practical tips makes it a valuable resource for sales and marketing professionals.

11. Dave Gerhardt’s Newsletter

Dave Gerhardt’s Newsletter Page Overview

Overview: B2B marketing expert Dave Gerhardt shares his expertise and insights related to marketing tips, sales strategies, and B2B trends.

Target Audience: Marketing and sales professionals, especially those in the B2B sector.

Content and Frequency: This weekly newsletter offers a mix of marketing and sales strategies, industry secrets, and personal insights.

Unique Selling Point: The unpredictable nature of the newsletter, combined with Gerhardt's proven expertise and engaging writing style, keeps subscribers coming back for more.

12. The Word Man

The Word Man Newsletter Page

Overview: Dave Harland's newsletter discusses persuasive copywriting and effective communication techniques for sales and marketing.

Target Audience: Marketers, copywriters, and sales professionals who wish to improve sales and marketing outcomes.

Content and Frequency: This bi-weekly newsletter provides practical strategies, tips, and insights into copywriting and marketing, all presented with Harland's unique flair and engaging style.

Unique Selling Point: The blend of copywriting techniques, marketing insights, and Harland's anecdotes and experiences make this newsletter both informative and entertaining​

Deep Dive: Impact of Sales Newsletters on Professional Growth

The Role of Newsletters in Sales Education: In the fast-paced world of sales, newsletters offer a streamlined way to stay updated on industry trends, strategies, and tools. 

They are a continual learning platform, enabling sales professionals to adapt and thrive in a competitive environment.

Personalization and Relevance: The best sales newsletters understand their audience's needs. They provide content that's not only informative but also immediately applicable. 

This relevance ensures that readers gain practical insights they can apply in their daily roles.

Community and Networking: Beyond the content, newsletters often foster a sense of community among their readership. 

Sales professionals gain access to a network of peers and experts. This facilitates the exchange of ideas and experiences that can lead to new opportunities and collaborations.

Keeping Pace with Technological Advancements: From CRM systems to AI and machine learning, newsletters play a key role in simplifying technology in sales. 

They provide case studies, reviews, and how-to guides that help sales teams leverage new tools for improved results.

Strategic Insights and Leadership: For sales leaders, newsletters can offer insights into managing and motivating teams, increasing operations, and driving revenue growth. This high-level content supports leadership development and organizational success.


As we wrap up our exploration of the best sales newsletters for 2024, it's clear that these resources are more than just emails landing in your inbox. 

They can help you learn how to improve your sales strategies, get better at outreach, and master CRM.

Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or just starting, subscribing to these newsletters ensures you stay informed, inspired, and ahead of the curve in the dynamic sales world.