Sending out cold emails can be a tough gig, especially if you’re having a hard time generating leads for your business.

Luckily, there’s a solution. Adding a bit of humor to your cold and promotional emails can increase engagement and response rates and make your brand stand out.

In this guide, we'll show you:

1. Why Humor Is Essential in Emails

2. How to Craft the Perfect Funny Email

3. 10+ Funny Marketing Email Templates 

Let's dive in.

Why Humor Is Essential in Emails

Many small and medium-sized businesses use email because it's an effective form of communication. However, if you're not getting the results you want, it may be time to try another method.

But why should you consider adding a touch of humor to your emails? Simple: It works.

Adding a funny tone to your emails can lighten the mood, break the ice, and add a touch of humanity to the digital conversation. It can help you turn more leads into clients and help you foster a positive relationship, and maintain a friendly, approachable brand image.

Breaking the Ice with Your Prospective Clients

Sending a cold sales email can be awkward for everyone involved. But as a business owner, emails are likely a vital part of your marketing and sales strategy. 

Adding subtle humor to your emails can help break the ice with any prospective clients and make them feel more comfortable. For example, you can start with an engaging email subject line that relates to their particular industry or needs.

This can help you establish rapport, personalized communication, active listening, trust, and credibility, which are all elements essential in creating a positive and productive relationship.

Increasing Engagement and Responses

Using humor in email marketing can increase your chances of engagement and a response from your client.

With the right humor, you can make all those on your email list laugh and capture their attention, showing them that your business is personable and relatable. This can increase the likelihood that they will respond to your email and continue the conversation.

Amusing emails can also help your company stand out from all the emails that your prospective clients receive in a day.

Making Your Company Memorable

Adding a humorous tone to your emails and email newsletters can make your company memorable.

When you differentiate yourself from the competition, it makes it easier for prospects to remember you.

For example, putting quirky humor or a catchy subject line can grab your audience before they even open your email. You can also add some humor into your email sign off to make it more memorable and distinctive. 

How to Craft the Perfect Funny Email

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is vital for any email campaign. However, it's even more important to know your target demographic when using humor.

Why? It's because different age groups, genders, and cultures have different preferences for humor.

For example, younger generations that grew up with technology might prefer memes and pop culture references, while older generations might connect more with wordplay or traditional jokes.

Research will play an important part in understanding the preferences of your target audience and what you should include in email marketing campaigns.

Additionally, as you're researching, consider the profession or industry of your prospective clients, as this can help guide what they may appreciate more when it comes to humor.

2. Research Cultural Differences

Cultural differences can impact communication and collaboration, including with emails.

For example, in some cultures, direct communication is valued, while in others, indirect communication is preferred. This can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.

You don't want to offend any potential prospects, which is why researching your target audience is so important. Some cultures may have taboos or sensitivities that you need to be aware of, such as political jokes or making fun of any religious or authority figures. 

3. Adapt Your Tone and Style

After your research has finished and you’ve identified your target demographic, it’s time to adapt the tone and style of your emails to fit your audience.

You'll want to use an appropriate tone and language, cultural references, and humor where applicable. But as you're adapting your tone and style, it's also important to keep it relevant to your brand.

Consider the different types of humor and how they might resonate with different customer personas. Make sure that humor doesn't overshadow the main message of the email.

Measure the success of humor in emails by focusing on new and recurring sales. Look at how humor affects customer engagement and conversion rates to gauge its impact. Remember, the goal is to use humor to connect with customers and drive sales.

Adapting your tone and style to include humor can add a personal touch to your emails and make your brand more relatable.

10+ Funny Email Examples to Connect With Your Audience

When it comes to getting strong email conversion rates, knowing your audience is key. There's no right or wrong way to write a humorous email if you know your target demographic.

1. The "I'm Not a Creeper" email

Subject: Not a Creeper, Just a Follower

Body: Hey [Prospect],

I just wanted to let you know that I'm not a creeper, I promise… but I have been following [Company Name] for a while now, and I'm really impressed with what you're doing! 

I think there might be some potential for us to work together, and I'd love to chat more about it. 

Could we touch base next week?


[Your Name]

2. "Emailed You in My Sleep" Email 

*schedule this email to go out between 3am - 6am so it's in their inbox when they wake up

Subject: Oops, Did I Just Email You in My Sleep?

Body: Hey [Prospect],

I hope this email finds you well and not too surprised to hear from me at this hour. 

Turns out my subconscious really wanted to chat about achieving [Results] at [Company Name]. 

Let's make the most of it and catch up soon! Thursday?


[Your Name]

3. The "I'm Not a Robot" Email

Subject: Definitely Not a Robot

Body: Greetings [Prospect],

I hope this email finds you well.

I wanted to reach out and introduce myself because I think we could be a great fit. 

I know it sounds like a robot wrote it, but I assure you that I am a real human being. 

I'm not sure if you've ever received an email from a robot before, but they can be pretty boring. 

I promise to make things more interesting when we chat more.


[Your Name]

PS - I'm pretty sick of how all cold outreach sounds so robotic. Are you up for a human-to-human chat later this week?

4. The "I'm Not a Mind Reader" Email

Subject: I Can't Read Your Mind, But...

Body: Hey [Prospect],

I'm not sure what you're thinking right now, but I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you're interested in [Resolving Pain Point/ Achieving Result]. 

If I'm right, then I think we should talk!

I can share the strategies that helped [Client] achieve [Results] in [Time].

Are you free for a quick call later this week?


[Your Name]

5. The "I'm Not a Genie" email

Subject: I Can't Grant Wishes, But...

Body: Hey [Prospect],

I'm sorry to say that I'm not a genie, and I can't grant wishes. But I can help you achieve [Results] if you give me a chance. 

(I won't need 3 tries!)

Here’s a case study of a recent partnership with another [Industry] company [Link].

Worth discussing next week?


[Your Name]

6. The "I'm Not a Magician" Email

Subject: I Can't Make Things Disappear, But...

Body: Hey [Prospect],

I'm not a magician, so I can't make your problems disappear, but I can help you find solutions that will make your life easier. 

I think we could work well together.

Can I send over a case study for a recent client similar to [Company Name]?


[Your Name]

7. The "I Hate Sales" Email

Subject: I Hate Sales Emails

Body: Hey [Prospect],

Yes, I’m sending you this email right now, but in my defense, it’s because you [requested more information/signed up for our newsletter/etc…].

If you’re not interested in accomplishing [Results], please let me know.

Seriously, every time I send an email, it pains me. Help stop the pain and find time on my calendar here [Link].


[Your Name]

8. The "Bearing GIFs" Email

Subject: I Come Bearing GIFs

Body: Hey [Prospect],

[Day of the Week]’s can feel too serious. In an attempt to brighten your inbox, I've attached some carefully curated gifs. 

[2-3 Industry/ Business related Gifs]

We’re to help you and your business [Gain Specific Results from your Service/Product]. 

Are you open to talk about what’s possible?

(Bonus points if you reply with a Gif}


[Your Name]

9. The "Overly Positive" Email

Subject: Life is GREAT

Body: Hey [Prospect's Name],

The sun is shining, the air is brisk, the birds are singing, and you know exactly how to solve [Pain Point].


If you're still working on that last one, I can offer some of the strategies that helped [Client] get [Results] in [Time].

Free for a call later this week?


[Your Name]

10. The "Donut Lover's Dream" Email

Subject: Donut Worry

Body: Hey [Prospect's Name],

Feeling a little "hole-y" in your current [specific challenge]? 

Donut worry, because [Your Company] has the perfect solution to fill that gap! 

Here’s a resource we made to sprinkle some success into this quarter’s [Service] strategy.

Ready to indulge in success?


[Your Name]

11. The "Pop Culture" Email

Subject: This Deal is So Good, It's "Mandalorian" Worthy

Body: Hey [Prospect's Name],

I couldn't help but notice that you're as hard to reach as a Jedi during Order 66! 

But fear not, because I come in peace bearing fantastic news: [Your Company] has a deal so good, it rivals the galaxy's best-kept secrets. 

Let's schedule a time to discuss how we can help you conquer your [specific challenge] like a true Mandalorian warrior.

May the force be with you (and your decision to reply).


[Your Name]

12. The "Abducted by Aliens" Email

Subject: Take me with you? 

Hi [Prospect's Name],

I haven't heard back from you, so 1 of three things has happened:

  1. You got really busy

  2. You're not interested in [Your Company]

  3. You've been abducted by aliens

Let's catch up if it's #1... If it's #3, take me with you?


[Your Name]

13. The "Call Yourself Out" Email

Subject: Wake up call 

Body: Hi [Prospect Name],

I’ve reached out a few times without hearing back. What I shared clearly didn’t resonate.

I heard the collective yawn and have made some changes.

This partnership is now about three simple things:

  1. Solving [Pain Point]

  2. Within [Timeline]

  3. To hit [Results]

Can we try again?


[Your Name]

Wrapping Up

Finding the right balance of humor in your emails and LinkedIn messages will take some testing.

Running variations of outreach side by side to see what messaging resonates with your audience is easy with a tool like QuickMail.

Advanced analytics show you which variations are getting the most engagement and a positive response.

Advanced Metrics

By adding humor to your cold outreach, you can build a more human connection through your automation.

If you’re ready to start testing a new messaging approach, make sure to start your free trial of QuickMail today.