Looking to switch from Klenty to an alternative?

Klenty is known for its automation capabilities, allowing you to send automated cold emails and track replies. But it’s not the only platform that offers email outreach, and it has some shortcomings in its features, customer support, and pricing.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive email outreach solution, we've listed the six of the best Klenty alternatives you should consider using.

Before we go into those, let's see more briefly what Klenty's limitations are.

  1. What Is Klenty And What Are Its Limitations?

  2. The Best Klenty Alternative You Should Consider

  3. The 6 Other Klenty Alternatives

What Is Klenty And What Are Its Limitations?

Klenty is a sales engagement platform that helps businesses connect and interact with customers through automated emails, calls, and personalized email campaigns. It is designed to help sales reps automate their outreach, manage their contacts, and communicate with prospects.

However, Klenty does have some limitations in what it can offer:

1. Lacks depth in some features. Users of Klenty especially complained about the lack of proper email tracking and analytic tools. This can prevent you from getting the desired cold outreach results.

  • “Reporting and analytics are hard to read, all the information gets mashed together, and I can´t find any way to analyze campaigns separately.”

  • "The UI is a bit clunky, you can't go deep enough in certain features (when you expect that you can), and it's not always as responsive (I often need to refresh my browser)"

2. Unreliable customer support. Some users on G2 reported Klenty having non-existent customer support and that the users didn't get helpful answers from there. 

  • “Support is borderline non-existent - and its competence is unimpressive. I have literally lost hours because of listening to their advice, ending up making my problem MUCH worse.”

  • "The support in some moments can be confusing."

3. The deal management tools at Klenty are reported to lack accuracy and are not flexible in all areas.

  • "Klenty lacks precision and accuracy in terms of showing the hot leads.”

  • "Some basic fields, such as status and last touched, are not flexible to change/customize. Prospects cannot be manually inserted into a specific cadence step."

4. Could have better deliverability tools. While Klenty has email validation tools, custom domain tracking, and random email intervals, it lacks integrations with email warm-up tools, which would help with delivery rates.

  • "There is a big question when it comes to email deliverability. Most of the emails get delivered to the client's junk box."

  • "Not able to find out if my emails are landing in leads' spam folders."

These are the four main problems with Klenty.

Now, let's go through the best alternatives to Klenty.

The Best Klenty Alternative For Getting Results

1.QuickMail - Best Overall Solution

Cold outreach solution with the industry's best deliverability

QuickMail vs. Klenty Key Differences

  • With the help of inbox rotation, A/B testing tools, and proper analytics, QuickMail is made to scale your cold outreach efforts, while Klenty works for one-off campaigns.

  • To ensure good deliverability, QuickMail has a native integration with the free email warm up tool MailFlow. Compared to Klenty, there are no integrations with any email warm-up tools.

  • With QuickMail, you can send up to 3,000 emails a month starting with a free 14-day trial.

Stand Out With Personalization

If you don't get any replies to your cold email campaigns, nothing matters.

QuickMail has all the tools for personalizing your emails.

You can add new attributes to your email campaigns and personalize them using things like the prospect's first name, company, title, or unique opening line.

To stand out in the crowded inboxes of your prospects, personalization is essential.

Scale Your Cold Email Campaigns

QuickMail is designed with scalability in mind.

Even with the free plan, you can use our inbox rotation feature and send emails from up to 10 inboxes simultaneously. 

By doing this, you can increase your email volume without causing issues with email sending limits.

For teams, you can invite unlimited team members to every QuickMail plan.

Land In Recipients Main Inbox

To ensure good deliverability, QuickMail offers a native integration with a free email warm-up tool called MailFlow.

MailFlow sends and receives emails for your account, and if an email you send to another inbox in our network ends up as spam, it's automatically removed and responded to.

Over time, this tells ESPs like Google that you’re a trustworthy sender.

Pricing: Get started with a free 14-day trial. Generous paid plans from $49/mo.

G2 rating: 4.6 out of 5 (78 reviews)

Capterra rating: 4.8 out of 5 (25 reviews)

What users on G2 and Capterra are saying:

  • “We're running email outreach via 50+ inboxes (30+ customers), and QuickMail works exceptionally well, with no hiccups or issues.”

  • “By send volume - we book 4X more meetings in QuickMail than our previous platform."

  • "This is by far the best tool I've ever used to do cold email outreach. I also like the auto warm-up feature which I believe is absolutely necessary in this space."

The 6 Other Klenty Alternatives

2. Yesware

Sales engagement platform that works inside Gmail

Yesware is a sales engagement platform that provides teams with essential sales tools like email tracking, real-time analytics, and automated follow-ups.

Especially for larger teams, it can be a solid tool due to its ability to work within Gmail and track the activities of everyone on the team.

When compared to Klenty, Yesware comes with better integration capabilities, especially their Salesforce integration, which enables you to sync your emails and contacts from and into Salesforce quickly.

You can use Yesware to create outreach sequences on multiple channels, such as email and cold calling.

Pricing: Starting at $45 a month per user, you can send out unlimited email campaigns.


  • Suitable for larger sales teams due to the team features that include shared inbox, team activity history, and free training for all users

  • Good integration with Salesforce, allowing you to sync emails and contacts quickly

  • Free team training


  • For an extra user you add to a Yesware account, the cost increases by $19 per month, which can get expensive quickly

  • Lacks email deliverability tools that competitors like QuickMail have, which increases your chances to land in the spam box

3. Apollo.io

A cold outreach platform with a database of contacts and email finder

Apollo.io is a cold outreach platform with a database of up-to-date contacts to help you find the right people for your sales campaigns. It comes with basic outreach tools for cold emailing, like email sequencing, personalization, and analytics.

In comparison to Klenty, the standout feature is the contact database, which contains millions of contacts from companies all over the world.

Apollo.io integrates with LinkedIn, Salesloft, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools like Hubspot and Salesforce.

Pricing: Prices start at $49 a month for sending out basic email campaigns


  • A huge contact database of different companies around the world

  • Basic email tools on the same platform as the database is

  • LinkedIn integration for multichannel outreach


  • According to users on G2, sometimes even 75% of the contacts have been invalid

  • The same users complained that Apollo.io is using their contact details with no permission in the database

4. MixMax

A sales engagement platform for sales teams

MixMax is a sales engagement platform that helps sales teams increase their productivity and close more deals. It comes with features such as email sequencing, email tracking, automated reminders, list-building features, and more.

You can use MixMax's one-click scheduling to send calendar invites to your clients directly from the email. It's something Klenty doesn't offer.

MixMax integrates with Salesforce as a customer relationship management tool, Slack for team collaboration, and LinkedIn for multichannel outreach. MixMax also integrates with Gmail, and you can use it inside of it.

Both MixMax and Klenty have quite similar features as well as prices (both ranging in the $50 to $100+ per month range).

Pricing: From $65 per user per month, you can send out personalized email sequences.


  • With the one-click scheduling tool, you can share your availability with potential prospects

  • Has an integration with Gmail, so you can use it within the Gmail interface

  • Integrated calendar to keep track of things


  • G2 users complained that they didn't get support from MixMax team during the onboarding process

  • Doesn't have proper email deliverability tools, and users have complained emails landing in the spam folder

5. GMass

A Gmail-based email outreach platform

GMass is a Gmail-based email outreach solution that helps you scale your email outreach. It is a good alternative to Klenty for those who want an all-in-one email outreach solution that works inside the Gmail interface.

GMass comes with features such as email tracking, automated follow-ups, mail merge personalization, and more. As it's a native Google Workspace product, it has some useful integrations, such as the ability to upload prospects directly from Google Sheets.

Pricing: For teams that want to send personalized emails, the prices start at $125 a month


  • According to GMass, you can break the Gmail sending limits with their software

  • Works inside Gmail, only having to download the GMass Chrome extension

  • Includes a free email address verification


  • Includes only basic cold email tools. Doesn't support scaling teams, as it lacks features like inbox rotation and a unified dashboard for multiple inboxes.

  • Users on G2 reported that Gmass lacks a proper customer support

5. Outreach

Sales execution platform for scaling teams and large enterprises

Outreach is a sales execution platform made for already established enterprise companies and scaling teams. If you need an all-in-one platform for everything sales cold outreach related, it's a good alternative to Klenty.

The biggest difference between Outreach and Klenty is that Klenty focuses solely on cold outreach, while Outreach provides additional features like sales forecasting reports, real-time sales rep guidance, and deal insights.

It comes with features such as multi-channel campaigns, email tracking, automated sequences, and integrations with CRMs Hubspot and Salesforce.

Pricing: To get pricing for Outreach, you have to contact their team


  • All-in-one sales platform for cold outreach, CRM, and sales opportunity management

  • One of the best available integrations with other SaaS software

  • Suitable for large teams and already established enterprises


  • Teams that have used Outreach report it being clunky in everyday use. According to them, they've had to contact the support team multiple times during the use

  • Not suitable for smaller or even mid-sized businesses that want to do cold outreach

6. Mailshake

Email outreach solution for sales teams

An alternative to Instantly.ai, Mailshake allows you to send cold email campaigns and schedule them for delivery at a specific time.

With its mail merge feature, you can include personalization in each email and set up automated follow-up sequences.

To test the effectiveness of your emails, you can A/B test your campaigns, as well as track the results with Mailshake's basic sales engagement metrics.

For integrations, Mailshake integrates with Pipedrive, Hubspot, LinkedIn, and more. With Mailshake's Gmail and Outlook integrations, you can add emails to campaigns directly from your inbox.

Pricing: The plans for Mailshake start at $58 per user per month and go up if you want to increase your email-sending limit.


  • Mailshake is known for having a simple user interface (G2 reviews approve of that).

  • Connects with both Gmail and Outlook for simple email outreach

  • Lead enrichment and segmentation features to help streamline campaigns


  • Can get expensive quickly as it's billed based on how many users you add, and an extra user costs minimum of $58 per month

Wrap Up

So, what's the best Klenty alternative?

Well, the answer to this question depends on what you're looking for and how much you're willing to spend. 

You should look into the features and pricing offered by each platform before making a decision.

If powerful automation features, deliverability, analytics, and reporting are your priority, then QuickMail may be the right option.

Get started with a free 14-day trial!