AOL has been a pioneering online service provider since it was founded in 1985. Now under Yahoo's ownership, AOL continues to provide a range of services, including its popular web-based email solution, AOL Mail

As of 2017, AOL Mail was ranked the fourth most popular email provider in the U.S., behind giants Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

If you’re looking to correctly configure AOL SMTP settings to work seamlessly with your preferred email provider, this guide is designed to simplify the process for you. 

Whether you're using a desktop client, mobile app, or web-based interface, this information will help you optimize your AOL email setup without interruptions. 

AOL SMTP Settings

The SMTP settings for AOL accounts are:

SMTP Server
UsernameYour AOL Mail address (e.g.,
PasswordYour AOL Mail password
Port Number587 (With TLS)
Alternative Port Number465 (With SSL)
Authentication RequiredYes
Sending Limits500 Emails a day, 100 connections a day

What are AOL SMTP Settings?

AOL SMTP settings are the details you need to input into your chosen email provider to send emails using your AOL Mail account. 

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which is the standard method used for sending emails across the internet.

To send emails from your AOL account through an email service provider like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, you’ll need to configure it with AOL's SMTP server details that are listed above. 

Setting these correctly allows your email service provider to connect to AOL’s servers and send your emails to your recipients. It's a straightforward process that ensures your emails are delivered reliably wherever you send them.

AOL IMAP Settings

The IMAP settings for AOL accounts are:

IMAP Port993
IMAP SecuritySSL / TLS
IMAP UsernameYour AOL Mail address (e.g.,
IMAP PasswordYour AOL Mail password

AOL POP Settings

The POP settings for AOL accounts are:

POP Port995
POP SecuritySSL
POP UsernameYour AOL Mail address (e.g.,
POP PasswordYour AOL Mail password

Understanding AOL IMAP and POP Settings

When setting up your AOL Mail with different email service providers, you may come across the options for IMAP and POP settings. These settings determine how your emails are retrieved and stored on your device.

  • IMAP Settings: IMAP, or Internet Message Access Protocol, allows you to access your AOL emails directly from the server. This means that changes you make to your emails, such as reading or deleting them, are reflected across all devices you use to access your email. It's like having a synchronized view of your emails across devices, ensuring you see the same thing whether you check your email on your phone, computer, or tablet.

  • POP Settings: POP, or Post Office Protocol, works differently. It downloads your emails from the AOL server to your device and once downloaded, it removes them from the server. This means that changes made to your emails on one device won't affect what you see on other devices. It's like having a copy of your emails stored on each device you use, but they aren't connected or synchronized with each other.

Choosing between IMAP and POP depends on how you prefer to manage your emails. If you want your emails to stay in sync across all your devices, IMAP is the way to go. But if you prefer to have a local copy of your emails stored on each device and don't need them to be synchronized, POP might be more suitable.

Why Add Your AOL Inbox To QuickMail With SMTP

Alternatively, email automation platform QuickMail makes it easy to connect your AOL account for seamless email management.

QuickMail simply requires SMTP and IMAP access to integrate with your AOL Mail. SMTP access enables QuickMail to send emails from the account, whilst IMAP access allows you to efficiently check emails in the account for replies and bounces.

Additionally, if you're tasked with managing email setups for clients using AOL, QuickMail simplifies the process by providing a secure access method that bypasses the need to share sensitive credentials. Clients can authorize access through a secure invitation link, ensuring privacy while granting you the necessary permissions.

Final Thoughts

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