92 Email Intros To Hook Your Lead 

Are your email campaigns struggling to stand out in the crowded inboxes of your target audience? 

With 4.26 billion global email users in 2022 - expected to reach 4.73 billion by 2026 - grabbing attention is more vital than ever.

Your email introductions are not just gatekeepers; they're what convert recipients into customers. Crafting these lines may seem daunting, but it's crucial to convey the value your company offers.

Let's discover 92 email intros that break through the noise and effectively captivate your leads.

Cold Email Intro Lines

Want to tailor your intro lines to your audience? 

We get it. Sometimes, we all need a little inspiration to kickstart our creative process. 

That's why we've put together a collection of the best intro lines for cold emails. They're organized by categories that resonate with different situations. Check them out!

Showing a Mutual Connection:

Building trust is the cornerstone of effective cold emails. Leveraging a mutual connection in your intro line immediately establishes familiarity and warmth. Approximately 92% of people trust recommendations from their network, making it a highly effective strategy.

  • I got your name from [Mutual Contact] 

  • You were mentioned by [mutual contact]

  • [Mutual Contact] suggested we meet up at [Event]

Speak to Your Audience With Relevance:

When a mutual connection is absent, personalization based on relevance becomes key. 

Highlighting aspects such as industry, common pain points, and struggles make your outreach feel personally tailored.

  • [Pain Point] is becoming an industry-wide problem...

  • A majority of [Industry] leaders make this mistake

  • Struggling with [Pain Point]? You’re not alone. 

Generate That First Touch:

Your intro line must be appealing when reaching out for the first time without a mutual connection. Using humor, curiosity, or suggesting a mystery can generate prompt a response.

  • Quick question, Mark.

  • You’re not alone.

  • Steal this strategy (it’s our best yet).

  • Three went in; one came out…

Provide an Immediate Sense of Value:

Highlighting the value you can bring to your prospect is a powerful strategy. Cutting through the noise is crucial for professionals who receive over 100 emails daily.

  • Is [competitor] ranking higher than you for '[keyword]'? Here's why.

  • Boost your team's performance with our best resources

  • Save [dollar amount/%] on [business expense]

  • What could be done to improve the prospect's interest in [topic]?

Create a Sense of Urgency:

Utilizing scarcity to create urgency in your intro lines is a proven sales strategy. According to a report by Invesp, intro lines with a sense of urgency have a 22% higher open rate. To avoid clickbait and maintain trust, however, it's essential to strike a balance.

  • Just [number] seats left for [training]…

  • 3 days until [conference] (Can we talk?)

  • Next week only — watch me [do something] live.

Follow-Up Email intro Lines

In professional communication, following up is super important. It helps keep connections strong, builds relationships, and gets results. 

Starting with a catchy intro line is the first step to making sure your email stands out in someone's crowded inbox.

General Follow-Up:

These intro lines emphasize the intention to foster a stronger relationship based on previous interactions.

  • Following our recent discussion, I wanted to revisit [Topic]

  • I wanted to reconnect and discuss [Topic] progress since our last conversation

  • Your [Topic] expertise has been instrumental - I think there's much more we can achieve together.

A Casual Follow-Up (With Some Intrigue)

These email intro lines add an element of curiosity, encouraging the reader to open the email and find out what it contains.

  • Curious about the latest [Topic] developments? 

  • What if I told you there's more to discover? 

  • Here's a teaser for you: exciting [Topic] updates await! 

Stand Out From the Crowd

These email intro lines acknowledge your previous email might be buried, so they get the reader to go back to it.

  • In the hustle of emails, ours might have slipped through the cracks. 

  • With all the daily emails you receive, ours might have taken a back seat. 

Offer a Specific Time

With these intro lines, the recipient is more likely to respond positively or suggest an alternative time.

  • Could we schedule a brief call on [Day]  to reconnect?

  • I'm available for a quick chat on [specific date and time] to discuss [Topic].

Acknowledging Their Busy Schedule:

Recognizing the recipient's busy schedule demonstrates empathy and understanding, making your follow-up email more considerate.

  • I understand you're overburdened with [specific task or project], but I wanted to touch base on [relevant topic]. 

  • With your hectic schedule, I appreciate any time you can spare for a quick update on [specific topic or project].

  • I know you're juggling multiple priorities, can we prioritize [Topic] in a call this week?

Highlight Common Ground or Shared Experience

Highlighting common ground or shared experiences in a follow-up email intro can create a sense of connection and rapport with the recipient.

  • Great to meet a fellow [topic/interest] fanatic. 

  • It’s refreshing to find common ground on [topic].

Find the Decision Makers

Identifying decision-makers is crucial; these intro lines seek assistance in reaching the right person.

  • I want to respect your time, are you the right contact for this decision?

  • Uh oh, am I reaching out to the wrong [Prospect name]? 

Create a Call to Action

Adding clear instructions, these intro lines get recipients to take action.

  • To expedite the process, I've prepared a proposal for your consideration. 

  • I believe swift action is needed on [specific topic]. 

Appeal for Help

This intro appeals to our innate desire to help in a concise, respectful manner.

  • I find myself in need of insight, can I pick your brain on [specific topic]?

  • Your expertise could make a significant difference at [Company].

Offer a Less Desirable Alternative

Considering the unwillingness to receive voicemails, these intro lines encourage recipients to opt for an email instead.

  • To save you from another meeting, I've outlined the key points in this email for your quick review.

  • You have better things to do than listen to voicemails, I'm summarizing the important details in this email. 

Hook Them with a Compliment

These intro lines compliment the recipient in a genuine and relevant way.

  • I've consistently been impressed by your innovative thinking. 

  • Your expertise is legendary in [Industry] circles. 

Make It Conversational

Conveying a conversational tone, these intro lines create a sense of continuity from a prior interaction.

  • Just checking in after our last conversation.

  • Our last chat left me with some exciting thoughts, can we discuss this further?

Transaction Follow-Up Emails: 

Closing a sale is a big deal in your customer relationship, but it's not the end of the road. 

Sending follow-up emails after a purchase is really important. 

They help strengthen relationships, make sure customers are happy, and can even lead to future projects together.

Deliver on Your Intro Line Promise

Use this intro line for onboarding emails that guide customers on how to start using your product.

  • We're thrilled you chose [Product]. Here's your step-by-step guide to ensure a seamless start to your journey.

  • Congratulations on your purchase! Let's begin your experience with [Service] by exploring its key features together.

  • It's time to embark on your [Product] journey! Follow this guide to make the most out of your new investment.

Seeking Repeat Business

This intro line reopens the conversation, exploring the possibility of repeat collaboration for one-off services or solutions.

  • Hope [Product/Service] has served you well. Let's explore additional ways to enhance your experience.

  •  It's been a pleasure serving you. Are there more areas where [Your Company] can make a difference for you?

  • We loved working with you on [Product]. Interested in continuing the success story? 

Feedback Request

Your post-sale emails are a great way to get feedback, showing your customers that their opinions matter.

  • We really care about your experience. Could you share feedback on your latest [Product/Service] purchase?

  • We're always looking to up our game, and your thoughts on [Product] would be a game-changer for us.

  • What's on your mind about [Service]? We’d like to make things even better for you.

Expressing Gratitude

Expressing appreciation strengthens the customer-business relationship. This intro line can convey gratitude for their trust and purchase.

  • Thank you for choosing [Product/Service]. We're here to support you every step of the way.

  • Your support fuels our passion—a heartfelt thank you for being a valued customer of [Your Company].

Referral Request

Encourage happy customers to refer their friends and family. Promote referrals with the excitement of a successful deal.

  • I loved what you shared about your experience with [product/service].

  • Your positive experience speaks volumes.

Meeting Request Intro Lines:

In business, it's tough to grab your prospects' attention when they're so busy. 

But writing a good intro line for meeting request emails can help you stand out from the crowd.

Time to chat?

This casual intro line is ideal when you already have some rapport with the prospect—adding a specific amount of time, such as Time to chat for 15 minutes? It can enhance its effectiveness.

  • Time to chat for 20 minutes?

  • Let's catch up for 10 minutes.

  • Quick chat – 15 minutes?

Free [day of the week] at [time]?

This intro line is simple and allows prospects to reply with a simple yes or no without opening the email.

  • Free Tuesday at 3 PM?

  • Can we meet on Thursday at 11 AM?

  • Available Friday at 2:30 PM?

  • Holding time for you on Friday at 2 PM!

Can You Spare a Minute?

You can use this intro line if you just need a minute or two of the prospect’s time. Avoid it for scheduling longer meetings.

  • Can you spare a minute for a quick call?

  • Quick question – can we chat for two minutes?

  • A brief discussion – can you spare a minute?

The Deal Is Expiring Soon; Let’s Meet

Create a sense of importance for a timely deal. You've got to be genuine to keep your prospect's trust.

  • Urgent: Let's meet before the deal expires!

  • This is a time-sensitive opportunity – let's discuss it.

  • Quick meeting needed – deal expiring soon.

Looking to Exchange Ideas on [Topic]

A catchy intro line for the early stages of the sales process. It is ideal for initiating a discovery meeting after some initial email exchanges.

  • Idea exchange on [topic]?

  • Curious to hear your thoughts on [topic].

  • Interested in sharing ideas about [topic]?

Let’s Look at Next Quarter’s Goals

Suitable when you've qualified a lead but they need help making a decision. Show them how your product or service fits their needs.

  • Aligning with your goals for next quarter.

  • Planning for success in Q2 – let's meet.

  • Exploring solutions for your Q2 objectives.

    Let’s Build a Plan for [Goal]

Tailor your intro line based on past conversations. Collaborate with the prospect to set clear next steps.

  • Crafting a plan for your marketing goals.

  • Building a strategy to achieve your objectives.

  • Let's outline a plan for your team's success.

Thanks for Our [Date] Meeting

Getting a future meeting date is much easier with an effective follow-up intro line. This reminds the prospect of the discussion and encourages them to consider the next steps.

  • Appreciation for our meeting on Monday.

  • Reflecting on our conversation last week.

  • Gratitude for our insightful discussion on [date].

Pain-Point-Focused Email Intro Lines

Every day, there are over 300 billion emails flying around. That's a lot! 

And did you know, about 64% of people decide whether to open an email just by looking at the first few words? 

So, if you talk about what's bothering them right away, more people will read your email.

Missed Our Connect - Let's Schedule a Quick Call

It can be challenging to establish a connection through cold emails. This intro line acknowledges the missed opportunity and offers a quick solution to connect.

  • I noticed we missed the chance to connect earlier, I'd hate to lose out on your insights.

  • Our paths crossed, but the connection slipped through. Let's make up for it with a brief call.

  • It seems our schedules didn’t align, open to trying again?

Address a Pain Point With a Question:

Starting your email with a question that directly addresses a pain point can immediately grab the reader's interest. This approach prompts them to reflect on their own experiences, making the email more relatable and engaging. 

  • Are you tired of spending hours on tasks that could be automated?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by your inbox? 

  • Struggling to find reliable suppliers? 

    Inbound and Warm Email Intro Lines

Consider these sales email intro lines for warm leads if you're currently generating leads or getting referrals.

Take the First Step to Improve Your Productivity

If you've talked about productivity challenges with a potential client recently, this intro line will nudge them to check out your solutions. It emphasizes progress and positions your product or service as the pathway to improvement.

  • Our recent conversation about [topic] resonated with me 

  • Remember our discussion on [topic]? It got me thinking…

[Referral Name] Recommends Our Solution for Your Marketing Goals

Leveraging referrals is powerful. You highlight a shared connection with the prospect in this intro line, making your email more trustworthy and compelling. Personalizing it with a specific goal, like marketing, in this case, adds relevance and generates interest.

  • [Referral Name] mentioned you're keen on enhancing your [Success metric]. 

  • [Referral Name] shared your interest in [Goal].


Great emails start with a strong opening line. Whether you're sending a cold email or a formal request, these 92 opening lines cover different situations and help keep your emails professional. 

Remember, a catchy intro can get you faster replies and build important connections

For a hassle-free outreach experience, consider leveraging cold email tools like QuickMail with advanced personalization features to help you start more conversations. Sign up for a free trial to experience how it simplifies the entire process, making email and LinkedIn outreach a piece of cake.