If you're reading this article, chances are you already know how effective LinkedIn can be for professional outreach. In fact, LinkedIn is 277% better at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter, there are 65 million people searching for jobs on LinkedIn every week, and 95 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn regularly.

But here's the thing: Most people approach LinkedIn networking all wrong. They send out generic connection requests with awkward, unrefined messages or no message at all. As a result, their outreach ends up falling flat.

It takes skill and finesse to command attention, drive responses, and spark meaningful conversations. And that’s what we’re here to help you with–whether you're:

  • A recruiter tracking down top-talents

  • A business owner looking for leads or investors

  • A job seeker looking to build professional connections

This article explores the nuances of crafting compelling LinkedIn connection request messages. We’ll take you through proven strategies, effective templates, and insightful tips to level up your outreach and grow your professional network with ease.

Why Send Out LinkedIn Connection Messages?

When it comes to professional networking today, LinkedIn is the place to be. Since its launch, LinkedIn quickly evolved into the central hub where careers are accelerated and business empires are built.

With over 1 billion members spread across the entire world, LinkedIn can connect you with your ideal clients, partners, and mentors wherever they may be – in just a few clicks.

This means opportunities to forge meaningful connections and expand your professional circle. But that's just the beginning. LinkedIn lets you do so much more, and this includes:

  • Showcasing your skills and professional merits

  • Staying in the loop with your professional network

  • Sharing and receiving updates on the latest trends (e.g., a networking event)

So whether you're a job-seeker searching for recruiters or an expert building a personal brand, learning how to network effectively on LinkedIn is non-negotiable.

How to Write the Perfect LinkedIn Connection Message

LinkedIn connection message to another LinkedIn profile(Image Source)

As we’ve established, there’s a lot of noise on LinkedIn, similar to many other social networks. But by cutting through the noise with thoughtful, personalized outreach, you'll build deeper connections that open doors to career-defining opportunities.

With that in mind, let’s take a quick glance at what defines a perfect LinkedIn message.

  1. A warm welcome: Start with a warm and professional greeting that humanizes your approach. Even a simple "Hi there, [Name]" sets a friendly tone.

  2. Your intro in 15 seconds: Follow up your greeting with a short but compelling introduction that highlights your background and unique value. In other words, briefly tell recipients who you are and what you do.

  3. The connection spark: Be transparent about how you discovered your recipient's profile. Whether it was through mutual connections, an insightful post they shared, or their impressive credentials, let them know why you're reaching out.

  4. Why connect? Briefly state why you want to connect. Are you interested in their expertise or seeking collaboration opportunities? Keep it genuine and relevant. A thoughtful compliment about their work or interests can also work wonders.

  5. End off strong: Wrap things up with a courteous closing that leaves the door open for further dialogue. A simple "I look forward to connecting" works well. Also, remember to proofread like a hawk. Typos scream unprofessional.

Crafting the perfect LinkedIn connection request message requires a mix of honesty, professionalism, and relevance. It's about making an unforgettable first impression that paves the way for a mutually beneficial professional relationship.

10 Proven LinkedIn Connection Message Templates

To master the art of connecting on LinkedIn, we've curated ten tried-and-true LinkedIn connection request messages. These templates are designed to command attention and inspire responses.

Keep in mind that these pieces are simply starting points. You need to tweak them and sprinkle in your own personality depending on specific circumstances and details from someone's LinkedIn profile or post.

Mentioning a Mutual Group

  • Sharing passion

Hey [Name],

I saw you in the [Group Name] LinkedIn group and love your passion for [Shared Interest]. I'm [Name], a [Job Title] at [Company]. I’m always looking to connect with folks in the [Your Industry] industry – I would love to chat sometime.

  • Seeking insights

Hi [Name],

I came across your LinkedIn profile in the [Group Name] group. I'm really interested in [Topic Discussed in Group], and I noticed you posted some great stuff about it. I'm [Name], a [Job Title] at [Company]. I really appreciate your contributions to the group discussions and would love to hear more of your thoughts. Cheers!

Mentioning a Mutual Connection

  • Mutual connections

Hey [Name],

Hope you're doing well! [Mutual Connection's Name] mentioned we might know each other from [Place You Met] – I’m [Your Name]. Would love to reconnect on LinkedIn.

  • Building bridges

Hi [Name],

[Mutual Connection's Name] connected us, and I saw we both work in [Industry]. I'm [Name], a [Job Title] at [Company]. Always interested in expanding my network – would love to chat if you're open to it.

As a Job Seeker to a Recruiter

  • Highlighting skills

Hi [Name],

I noticed you're a recruiter at [Company]. I'm super impressed with their work in [Area of Company Expertise]. I'm a [Job Title] with [Number] years of experience in [Your Industry]. Would love to learn more about it.

  • Sharing achievements

Hi [Name],

I'm a highly motivated [Your Job Title] with a history in [Achievement 1] and [Achievement 2]. While researching opportunities, I noticed your company is doing amazing things in [Area of Company Expertise]. Would love to connect and discuss potential roles!

As a Recruiter to a Job Candidate

  • Spotlighting potential

Hi [Name],

I'm [Your Name], a recruiter at [Your Company]. We're looking for talented [Job Title]s with experience in [Desired Skill 1] and [Desired Skill 2]. I noticed your background in [Candidate's Skill] on your LinkedIn profile. Let's connect to see if this opportunity is a fit.

  • Personalized approach

Hi [Name],

I came across your profile while searching for [Job Title]’s and was impressed with your work on [Specific Project or Achievement]. At [Your Company], we're looking for someone with this kind of experience for our [Job Title] position. I’d like to chat to see if this might be a good match.

Reaching Out to the Creator of a Post or Article

  • Offering expertise

Hi [Name],

Just read your insightful post on [Post Topic] – really enjoyed your perspective! I'm [Name], a [Job Title] at [Company] with experience in [Relevant Expertise]. I'd love to connect and discuss your ideas further.

  • Seeking collaboration

Hi [Name],

Your recent [Post/Article] on [Topic] really struck a chord with me. Our company does similar work in [Related Area], and I'd love to explore collaboration opportunities. I'm [Name], a [Job Title] at [Company]. Would be great to connect and chat sometime.

Remember to keep your message concise and friendly. Even more importantly, proofread before hitting send to ensure your message doesn't come off as unpolished or unprofessional.

Automate LinkedIn Connection Messages with QuickMail

Automate LinkedIn Connection Messages sample campaign

When it's all said and done, outreach is a numbers game. The more connection messages you send, the better your chances are of winning more connections than you lose.

But manually sending out connection requests can quickly become tedious and time-consuming. Plus, it means you don't reach your full networking potential.

So, what's the alternative? Engaging a powerful outreach automation tool like QuickMail.

QuickMail is designed to streamline your outreach efforts without sacrificing that essential personal touch. Our software allows you to easily upload lists of your ideal connections and automate your LinkedIn connection requests.

But we're not talking generic, one-size-fits-all messages here. QuickMail's advanced personalization capabilities let you dynamically populate each LinkedIn message with details specific to each recipient.

We're talking:

  • Highlighting shared interests

  • Mentioning a mutual connection, or

  • Commending a recent accomplishment

Even better, QuickMail doesn't stop at LinkedIn – it's an all-in-one outreach powerhouse. This means you can combine automated connection requests with precisely timed emails and follow-ups. Plus, you get loads of customizations to modify every aspect of your outreach.

Long story short, QuickMail lets you automate and customize your outreach messages for maximum impact. It’s also easy to use, affordable, and risk-free, thanks to a 14-day free trial.

Using QuickMail, you can effortlessly build professional bonds that propel you to newfound heights of success.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn automation is just one tool in your toolbox. For the best results, support your outreach by following tips and best practices for success.

Tips For Sending Effective LinkedIn Connection Messages

Learning how to connect effectively on LinkedIn is what separates networking beginners from elite professionals.

To ensure your outreach efforts yield maximum results, keep these five tips in mind:

1. Upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium Plan for the Most Benefits

While the free version works fine for casual users, using LinkedIn's premium plan is ideal for building a solid professional network.

With features like InMail credits, a higher connection request limit, advanced search filters, and LinkedIn sales navigator, the premium plan lets you supercharge your ability to target and engage your ideal connections.

2. Keep Your Messages Concise

Busy professionals have limited attention spans, so make every word count. Craft LinkedIn messages that are clear, compelling, and straight to the point. Rambling or too much build-up can only hurt your chances.

3. Personalize As Many Aspects As Possible

Generic requests are a surefire way to get ignored or rejected. Research each potential connection and use personalized details that show you've done your homework. But keep in mind that there are limits to connection requests.

4. Express Genuine Interest

Making connections on LinkedIn might be a numbers game, but it shouldn’t appear that way to recipients. If your messages look even remotely like generic blasts, you’ve probably lost your recipient’s attention.

Instead, approach each message as an opportunity to spark a genuine professional relationship built on mutual interests and respect. Express genuine interest in what they do, their work, or their expertise.

5. Continuously Test and Adjust Your Approach

The most successful networkers on LinkedIn consistently test, analyze, and refine their outreach strategies.

What resonates today may fall flat tomorrow, so it’s important to always experiment with different messaging styles and techniques. Then, monitor your response rates and adjust your approach based on what works best for your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you send a connection request on LinkedIn?

To send a connection request on LinkedIn, search for the person you want to connect with, visit their profile, and click the "Connect" button.

From there, you can add a personalized note or send a connection request without a note. We recommend writing a personalized message explaining why you'd like to connect before sending a request.

How do you cancel a pending LinkedIn connection request?

To cancel a pending connection request on LinkedIn, go to your "My Network" tab and click on "Manage" under the "Invitations Sent" section. Find the pending request you want to cancel and click "Withdraw."

What do you say when someone connects on LinkedIn?

When a connection has been established, thank them and express your interest in networking or collaborating. For example, "Thank you for connecting, [Name]! Looking forward to exploring potential opportunities together."

What do you say to a recruiter on LinkedIn after connecting?

After connecting with a recruiter on LinkedIn, follow these steps:

  • Introduce yourself and thank them for connecting

  • Express your interest in their company or industry

  • Express enthusiasm about discussing opportunities

  • Highlight your relevant skills, experiences, or achievements

  • Ask about potential opportunities or ways to collaborate in a non-salesy way

Ready to Skyrocket Your LinkedIn Outreach?

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