Looking for the perfect cold outreach platform for your team? Compare Mailshake vs Woodpecker to find the right email outreach tool for your business.

We've lined up the pricing, integrations, automations, and other advanced features of each email marketing platform to help you make a decision.

We’ll also explore QuickMail, an email marketing platform for smart teams that want advanced personalization, analytics, and deliverability for cold email campaigns.

Mailshake vs. Woodpecker vs. QuickMail: Compared

Let's start with a quick comparison of each cold outreach platform's vital statistics.

Send personalized cold emails ✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
Automated follow-up emails after no response ✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
Run automated LinkedIn outreach campaigns ✅ (Yes)❌ (No - LinkedIn tasks are just reminders)✅ (Yes)
Cold calling integration ✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
Team collaboration on all plans ❌ (No - Limited features on basic plan)❌ (No - Limited features on basic plan)✅ (Yes)
Email deliverability tools on all plans ✅ (Yes)❌ (No - Limited features on basic plan)✅ (Yes)
Access to a shared inbox to track replies on all plans ❌ (No)❌ (No)✅ (Yes)
Native CRM integrations ✅ (Yes)❌ (No - Limited features on basic plan)✅ (Yes)
Email blacklist monitoring ✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
Pricing From $49 per user per month (with annual billing)From $25 per month (with annual billing)From $49/month with unlimited users

Mailshake Overview

Mailshake positions itself as a cold email outreach tool and sales engagement platform.

It offers basic features such as personalized emails, email tracking, automated follow-up emails, native integrations, and LinkedIn outreach. Its user-friendly interface is perfect if you're new to cold email outreach.

However, Mailshake can be expensive for growing teams, and it doesn't offer very flexible pricing. Its pricing structure is calculated by user per month, and it limits how many mass emails you can send.

It also lacks some advanced features that can make a big difference to your conversion rates.

Who is Mailshake Best For?

Mailshake's intuitive user interface makes it suitable for those who are new to cold emailing campaigns. One reviewer on G2 said that what they like best about the platform is that “It's easy to use, intuitive, and effective for email outreach.”

If you're sending a low volume of mass emails and don’t need smart features like advanced customization, Mailshake can give you a streamlined experience.

Mailshake can also be useful if you don't already have a platform for finding potential prospects. Mailshake's prospecting database is an add-on feature you can use to collect more business email addresses. You'll have to pay for a higher pricing tier, but it might help you find more leads.

Who is Mailshake Not For?

Mailshake has some limitations for more advanced teams and businesses. One reviewer on G2 noted this, stating that “there's basically very few options for customizing, and really no help in setting up.”.

That means it's harder to create email variations, achieve optimal email deliverability, and increase your email response rates.

Mailshake's communication and collaborative features, such as team member collaboration, are limited to higher-tier plans. It's an expensive option pricing-wise for large teams or agencies which need plenty of seats. And if you're planning to grow with future campaigns, then Mailshake may become too limiting for you.

And if reporting matters to you, Mailshake may not be the right cold email outreach tool. Its reporting dashboard is basic, and some reviews we read claimed that email tracking data was inaccurate or out of date.

Finally, there are caps on how many business emails you can send out per day, depending on different email providers.

  • Gmail accounts: 500 emails/day.

  • GSuite accounts: 2000 emails/day.

  • Microsoft accounts: 1000 email/day

QuickMail is a MailShake alternative which offers higher caps for businesses with larger sales teams and audiences. While your preferred email service provider's limits may still apply, QuickMail’s daily send limit is 1,500 mass emails. The plans have generous send volumes for any size team, with inbox rotation to spread your send volume across multiple email addresses.

Who is Mailshake For: The Takeaway?

Individuals who only need basic features

Small B2C businesses with one-person marketing teams

Entrepreneurs who don’t want to spend time learning a new tool


Businesses that need team collaboration and sales automation tools

Businesses sending emails at scale

Businesses that require high levels of customization

What's Missing from Mailshake?

While Mailshake is a user-friendly email outreach tool, it may fall short for businesses requiring a wide range of advanced features. Mailshake's features for collaboration and communication are limited. In addition, the per-seat pricing model could be too expensive for medium-sized and larger teams.

However, the biggest problem is Mailshake's lack of shared inbox with email rotation. For every email address that you use to send cold email campaigns, you'll need to set up unique lists and outreach campaigns. Plus, it's hard to manage your send volume, track replies, and keep on top of email deliverability rates.

Mailshake Pros and Cons


  • The straightforward interface makes it easy to get started.

  • The prospecting database is helpful if you don't already have a dedicated platform for finding potential prospects — but it's expensive.

  • You can send automated LinkedIn messages alongside cold email campaigns.


  • Mailshake pricing is calculated per individual user per month, which can get expensive fast.

  • Every email address that you use to send mass emails has to have its own campaign and email list.

  • Some users have reported problems with data reporting and email tracking accuracy.

Woodpecker Overview

Woodpecker positions itself as an all-in-one cold email outreach tool and MailShake alternative.

It offers tools to find business email addresses, send mass emails, and remind you to follow up on LinkedIn. It has the basic features that you'd expect, like email tracking and automated follow-ups. It even has an AI writing assistant to help you create cold email openings.

However, it has a steeper learning curve than other Mailshake alternatives, and many of its advanced features are locked behind higher pricing. If you want more powerful automation features, email tracking, or large numbers of potential prospects, then you'll have to pay up.

Who is Woodpecker Best For?

Woodpecker's advanced features include personalization tools and native integrations to help you craft customized, multiple-touch campaigns.

However, in the basic plan, you only get 2000 stored sales prospects on your database, including just 500 contacted prospects.That limits your ability to send automated follow-up emails and keep your email list warm.

Who is Woodpecker Not For?

Woodpecker is great for smaller teams and individual users with a small target audience. But it's hard to scale your email marketing campaigns with the platform.

When your list of key prospects grows and you need more advanced features, the pricing can go up fast. Woodpecker is also limited when it comes to integrations and email deliverability.

If you want your business to grow, then you might need to consider a sales engagement platform with more advanced features built in --- like QuickMail.

QuickMail is tailor-made for businesses that want scalability, advanced customization, powerful automation features, and a seamless collaborative experience with great communication.

Who is Woodpecker For: The Takeaway

Individuals just starting out

Small businesses with a one-person marketing team

Entrepreneurs who are not yet in their growth stage


Businesses that need scalability

Businesses that require high levels of customization

What's Missing from Woodpecker?

Woodpecker's advanced features are mostly only available on more expensive plans.

Its pricing is based on a per-user model, which can become costly for teams. And like Mailshake, Woodpecker also limits how many potential prospects you can reach each day, with strict caps on mass emails and your prospect list size.

To add more team members or increase your email list, you have to buy more slots in the Woodpecker marketplace. This means that if you are on a lower-tier plan, you'll miss out on large-scale outreach campaigns.

The platform also restricts advanced personalization and powerful automation features behind paywalls. It's harder to optimize outreach campaigns, learn from email tracking, and improve email deliverability rates, unless you opt for a more expensive tier.

Last of all, it's worth noting that as a QuickMail or MailShake alternative, Woodpecker does not have the most attentive customer service.

Reviews on G2 comment that users' least favorite thing about the cold email outreach tool is the support and customer service. Users state things like “Worst and rude support agents” and “I dislike the disconnect between sales reps, customer service and their no refund policy” when asked what they dislike about Woodpecker.


  • There's a full range of personalization tools, such as customizing send times for specific time zones.

  • Basic deliverability tools such as email verification are included as standard, to keep you out of the spam folder.

  • You can use the built-in email template tool to save time.


  • Additional features and marketing tools, such as native integrations and API keys, are only available with higher pricing plans once your 7-day free trial ends.

  • You can't automate LinkedIn actions to match your email campaigns. Other powerful automation features are paywalled, too.

  • Some users find the interface confusing at first — there's a steep learning curve.

QuickMail: The Ultimate Mailshake Alternative And Cold Outreach Companion

If cold email tools like Mailshake and Woodpecker don't match up to your needs, QuickMail is a powerful alternative that gives you a lot more bang for your buck.

Compared to Woodpecker, Mailshake offers more key features and straightforward email automations. If you're comparing Mailshake vs QuickMail, then QuickMail also wins on price, collaborative features, and effective communication for teams.

It's the best of both worlds - all in a single platform.

QuickMail is designed to streamline sales conversations from initial email to automated follow-ups and multi-channel outreach. Its advanced features are tailored for both small to medium-sized businesses and agencies.

Who Is QuickMail Best For?

QuickMail is a sales engagement platform and cold email automation tool that flexes with you, whether you operate a small business or manage a medium-sized enterprise.

The platform's flexibility also extends to agencies and allows you to handle campaigns for multiple clients simultaneously.

Whichever pricing plan you choose, you'll get a dedicated technical support team for prompt and effective assistance. But chances are you won't need it, because the user-friendly interface means there is only a small learning curve.

Setting up your outreach campaigns is a straightforward process - even if you plan to use advanced functionalities and special features.

If you’re unsure whether QuickMail is right for you, you can test it out with a risk-free 2-week free trial.

10 Key Benefits of Using QuickMail for Your Cold Outreach

  1. Personalization Features For Better Email Conversations

You can craft fully personalized, multi-touch cold outreach campaigns effortlessly with QuickMail.

Every marketer knows how important personalization is in cold outreach, with personalized email campaign content increasing response rates by 32.7%. Choosing personalized initial emails over cookie-cutter mass emails can make the difference between an profitable or unprofitable campaign.

QuickMail's templates can be customized with a range of personalization options such as the prospect's name, company name, job title, personalized images, and a personalized opening line. This level of hyper - personalization improves response rates, keeps you out of the spam folder, and boosts the results of your campaigns.

But the real magic is in the automated follow-up emails. QuickMail uses powerful automation features to send out regular follow-up sequences, either through email or a range of other channels - including LinkedIn, AirCall, and other popular tools.

These automated follow-ups save time for your sales team, while boosting the number of email responses you get. Plus, you'll gather even more data to help optimize future campaigns.

2. Advanced Email Deliverability Techniques

QuickMail uses a suite of advanced functionalities to make sure your emails go straight to potential prospects' inboxes ... and get the replies that they deserve. If you've ever worried that your messages are going straight to spam, then QuickMail's advanced email deliverability techniques can help.

One of the key features is the smart email warm-up tool. Whenever you create a new sender address, instead of diving in straight away, the platform builds up a background of activity from that account with hundreds of emails sent. This built-in email warmup builds the reputation and authority of your new account to reduce the risk of spam flagging.

QuickMail also offers email verification, with a range of integration options available, including NeverBounce, BriteVerify, ZeroBounce, and more.

Alongside the email warm-up process, QuickMail uses smart features like detailed data reporting, email bounce detection, custom tracking domains, and blacklist monitoring to keep your email lists clean. Viewing your analytics, creating custom tracking domains, and updating email lists can all be done within a single platform.

The combination of email warmup, continuous optimization, and list-cleaning means that you can expect more email responses from future campaigns.

3. Advanced A/B Testing And Insights

QuickMail has advanced features for A/B testing to help you reach your email outreach campaign objectives. You can test multiple email copy variations simultaneously to see which get the best response rates. You can even apply them to personalized email campaigns.

It also offers detailed email tracking of open, click, and reply rates for each variation. This helps to keep your email list healthy, avoid the spam folder, and see exactly what works for your audience. You can continuously refine your email content and follow-up sequences for future campaigns.

4. Boost Engagement with Multi-Channel Campaigns

QuickMail integrates multi-channel steps and marketing tools into your campaigns. This includes powerful automation features and effortless integrations.

For example, you can create automated follow-up emails within the platform, or use integrations to set up external follow-up sequences, such as LinkedIn connection requests with personalized notes to improve response rates to initial emails.

QuickMail offers a wide range of other helpful native integrations and powerful automation features. It seamlessly integrates with Zapier to create custom workflows for your outreach campaigns. You can create multi-touch campaigns, follow-up sequences, and more with smart automations and sales engagement features.

5. Multiple Sender Email Accounts

With QuickMail, you can send cold emailing campaigns from multiple sender email accounts. Compared to altenratives like Mailshake and Woodpecker, its daily send limits are much more generous - so you can send hundreds of emails more, and start more conversations with prospects.

Most popular email services still have daily send limits, but QuickMail's built-in email inbox rotation means that you can maximize your sending power within a single platform.

6. Link Follow-Up Sequences With Cold Calls

Through QuickMail, you can also make cold calls through a seamless integration with the Aircall power dialer. This means you can speak to leads directly at any stage of a personalized outreach email sequence.

For example, you might start with a call, then send automated follow-up emails. Or you might use QuickMail's powerful automation features so that once you've established a connection through email responses, AirCall's predictive dialer can queue up a phone conversation.

7. Subscription Pricing Model Designed For Growing Teams

Whether you're a solopreneur, part of a small team, or managing a growing enterprise, QuickMail's plans offer unlimited users with all of its flexible pricing plans.This means you can easily add team members to scale up when your business is ready.

The platform is designed for effective communication and email productivity, even when you're working with hundreds of emails or campaigns per month. Every account comes with auditing - so you can always see who's worked on what, improving your level of efficiency and offering valuable insights.

If you work with an agency, you'll be able to manage multiple clients with a single platform. You can set up separate plans for different clients, manage their credentials, and add unlimited team members as projects scale up or down.

8. Seamless Integration Options

QuickMail works with a full range of email service providers, so you can stick with the platforms that you're used to. You can also link your preferred CRM, popular tools for workflow and productivity, scheduling apps, and data monitoring.

And if you can't find your favourite tool for sales in the list? There's always Zapier to hook up an even bigger range of integration options.

9. Unified Inbox Feature For Streamlined Workflows

QuickMail simplifies outreach conversations with key prospects by consolidating them into a shared Opportunities inbox. This special feature ensures that every reply, CC, or new thread is automatically detected and added to the conversation.

It also offers a range of features to sort responses, assign conversations to specific team members, and facilitate collaborative replies. The unified inbox feature streamlines workflow, so you'll never miss another follow-up email.

10. Generous Product Trial Times

QuickMail's pricing includes a 14-day free trial - twice the length of time offered by alternatives like Woodpecker. So you can spend two full weeks exploring the platform before you decide that it's right for you.

If you’re ready to replace your current cold email outreach tool, QuickMail will even pay you to switch.

Get More Replies To Cold Email Outreach Campaigns

QuickMail is a comprehensive cold email outreach tool for businesses who want to grow. It offers advanced personalization, multi-channel outreach, optimal email deliverability, detailed analytics and email tracking, and efficient conversation management - completely flexibly.

To experience the power of QuickMail, sign up for a risk-free 14-day free trial.