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“My lead generation agency runs on Quickmail. It’s the best tool I’ve found for A/B testing new email content and optimizing reply rates. Period.”

Jack Reamer
Jack Reamer
Lead Generation Agency Owner

All Your Clients & Team In One Place

Enjoy having a single login with one click in-and-out of any client workspace.

Bring your whole team with you: add unlimited team members at no extra cost.

Full change history included for total visibility on your team's actions.

And if you need to, invite your clients to your account as Guest (view only) totally free.

Advanced Metrics

Results From Our Clients Say It Best

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“In 12 months, we've grown from ~100 clients to 220 clients, and from 6 to 18 staff and QuickMail has been pivotal in helping us do that”

Lee Betts
Lee Betts
Lead Generation Agency Owner
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“We were seeing decent success with [other tool] at the time, but tried some test campaigns in QuickMail. It immediately became clear we needed to make a switch since the QuickMail campaigns were booking 4.2x more meetings...”

Dave Valentine
Dave Valentine
Agency Founder/CEO

High Deliverability At Your Fingertips

All the features you expect from state-of-the-art cold outreach software and more:

  • Scale with confidence with Inbox Rotation

  • Sender/Receiver Email Provider Matching

  • Blacklist continuous monitoring

  • Automatic SPF & DKIM setup checks

  • Free auto warm-up domain with MailFlow

  • Unsubscribe Headers for easy compliance with Google's new guidelines

Advanced Metrics

Your Team Will Love Saving Time

  • Our advanced AI model automatically tags replies as positive or negative so your team can quickly determine the impact of a campaign.

  • Sub-campaigns for out-of-office

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AI Reply Categorization has been one of the most useful upgrades recently at QuickMail.

John Vinton
John Vinton
Campaign Manager

The Familiarity Of Email, The Efficiency Of A Help Desk...

All your inbox conversations into one unified platform.

We check all inboxes and spam folders to automatically pull all conversations in our unified view of opportunities.

Friendly With Power Users

  • Advanced Webhooks

  • API

Advanced Actionable Metrics To Boost Results

Revolutionary stats that attribute the event to when the email was sent, not when the event happened.

Week-by-week metrics for Open rate, Click rate, Reply rate, Positive Replay rate, Negative Reply Rate, Unsubscribe rate and Bounce rate.

Plan campaign volume better with forecast future emails.

Keep tabs on the deliverability rate by monitoring the open rate week-by-week.

Advanced Metrics

The More The Merrier

We know it takes a team.

Add unlimited team members to your account at no extra cost.

Never share login credentials anymore and get total visibility on the actions of your team.

Rock Solid Software Your Business Can Rely On

The software was built by industry veterans from day 1. We've been 10 years in business, our clients can rely on us to provide exceptional service no matter the scale of your operation.

We Are Here To Help You Succeed

Our support team is highly trained to solve problems, not just answer tickets.

Taste how refreshing it is to have people vested in finding solutions to your problems.

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Amazing support, you just feel like you want to talk to the team.”

Alexey S.
Alexey S.
Business Development Manager

Can We Pay You To Switch?

Sign up for a trial and send us a receipt from your current cold email tool.

We'll credit your account with whatever you're paying monthly, that way you can have a proper trial - no strings attached.

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Incredible software, incredible support... this is one of the most reliable and well-built platforms I use.”

Luke Marlowe
Luke Marlowe
Lead generation agency founder