ClinicBuzz needed to find a way to book more demos on an ongoing basis — and fast

Fabi Mersan from ClinizBuzz (a tool helping clinics gather patient feedback) was looking for an easy way to grow her SaaS customer base, but there was one problem: she needed to schedule more demos.

And with all of the other things she had on her plant, she knew that she didn’t have the time to be doing email outreach and prospecting manually.

She wanted an automated, predictable system that could produce demos for her on an ongoing basis, every week.

Other email automation tools she tried weren’t delivering results

Fabi knew that she didn’t have any time to waste. As she put it: “After trying almost all of the ‘most popular’ email marketing services out there and not being completely satisfied with any of them, I reached out to my friends and they pointed me to Best decision ever.”

The result: 39% response rate, and predictable, ongoing demos in the pipeline

Fabi and the ClinciBuzz team obtained a 39.17% response rate from the prospects she reached out to:

  • Initial email response rate: 5.0%
  • First reminder response rate: 15.0%
  • Second reminder response rate: 12.5%
  • Third reminder response rate: 5.0%
  • Fourth reminder response rate: 1.67%

Now, she finally had a predictable pipeline of sales leads to work with, leading to a major increase in weekly demos booked.

How did she do it?

After setting up QuickMail sequences and follow-ups, she implemented the following strategies:

“I have tested two ways of cold emailing my prospects: one is the ‘short question email’ where you send out literally just one question — usually one key question that will uncover the pain you are solving. This will lead you to a conversation about that pain and ultimately proposing your solution to your prospects.”

“The other one is the ‘appropriate person email,’ which involves emailing someone in your prospect’s company and asking them to connect you with the right person and providing a brief description about the product that you provide.”

“The latter has been proven to be more successful for two reasons: one, the call to action is scheduling a call. Two, even though the appropriate person email gets you more responses saying, ‘Not interested’, the ones that are interested are REALLY good prospects because they already briefly know about your product and are ready to talk to you.”