Data enrichment tools gather context on your prospects so you have more ways to personalize your outreach and improve your chances of starting a conversation and closing new deals.

They’re a useful part of any sales stack, particularly as you increase the volume of your sales outreach.

In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best data enrichment software and tools on the market.

Most companies are happy to offer free trials or run you through the tool on a demo, so make sure to take your time when choosing to ensure you find the best for your unique sales process.

  1. What are Data Enrichment Tools?

  2. Data Cleansing vs. Data Enrichment

  3. 11 Best Data Enrichment Tools to Improve Your Prospect Research

Let’s dive right in.

What are Data Enrichment Tools?

Data enrichment tools look at contacts in your prospect list or CRM and then add details that you’re missing to their profile.

For example, if you want to reach out to the CEO of a well-known company but don’t have their email address or phone number, a data enrichment tool will look at the person’s name and email, then cross-reference that with their own database, and populate your contact record with the missing information.

Most data enrichment software works by scraping the web for contact details. When you need to enrich one of your contacts, they look at their database and see if there’s a match.

I’d always recommend verifying if your data is correct using multiple tools if possible, as contact databases can be outdated as people move companies and jobs.

Data Cleansing vs. Data Enrichment

When looking for data enrichment tools, you might come across cleansing tools. These are tools like Neverbounce, Dropcontact, or ZeroBounce. They look at your list of email addresses or other company data, and flag if any of it is unverifiable and hence, cleanse your list.

Enrichment tools add new data to your prospect lists. For example, if you have a prospect name and email address that are both correct, an enrichment tool will add their job title, location, phone number, and other details to improve how you segment them in your lists and improve how you reach out to them. 

11 Best Data Enrichment Tools to Improve Your Prospect Research

1. Cognism

Ensures sales and marketing teams always work with fresh, accurate, and compliant B2B data.

Cognism is a leading B2B data provider and an excellent data enrichment choice.

It refreshes stale records in company databases and fills in any missing gaps, such as when prospects change jobs or move to new locations. Its data points go beyond the standard and include information on tech stacks, buyer intent, company locations/size, mobile numbers, and more.

Cognism also provides a Chrome extension that allows salespeople to tap into its GDPR-compliant database while they’re browsing corporate websites or LinkedIn. With a single click, users can generate data on a company or individual, including data points such as business phone numbers and emails, number of employees, location, revenue and technologies used.

The extension also includes intent data signals which indicate when a prospect is ready to buy.

For salespeople, this is incredibly useful for multi-threading deals, increasing their foothold in existing accounts, and discovering more about inbound leads.

Pricing: Packages are customized based on customers’ desired workflows. Every package includes unrestricted access to Cognism’s data.


  • Access to Cognism’s Diamond Data® - a unique human-verified data asset

  • Data is compliant with GDPR and CCPA laws

  • Integrates into a variety of existing tech solutions

2. Coresignal

A stable stream of fresh data on companies and professionals.

Coresignal's data gives you a 360° view of companies and professionals through millions of continuously updated records. 

With Coresignal, you can choose from a wide variety of extensive B2B datasets and APIs. Public web data from 20 top B2B data sources cover all essential aspects of information about companies, their talent, jobs, tech stacks, and tech products.

Sales tech platforms and teams use Coresignal's data for enrichment, predicting intent, and generating unique insights to gain a competitive advantage. Large datasets can power sales processes by allowing companies to evaluate purchase intent, predict the best time to approach a prospect and generate leads at scale. 

Pricing: Flexible pricing options based on your data needs. Data samples and a free API trial are available.


  • Powerful datasets from 20 public web data sources

  • APIs for search and enrichment

  • In line with the highest data privacy standards

3. Clearbit

Data enrichment software that connects with sales automation tools like Salesforce to improve your sales personalization 

Clearbit is one of the market-leading data enrichment tools designed for sales and marketing use.

It integrates with all major CRM platforms including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo — as well as tools like Slack and Zapier to build custom workflows.

Once you’ve connected your prospect list with Clearbit, it refreshes every 30 days automatically to ensure every detail in your CRM is up to date. If a prospect you were talking to moves roles or changes location, you’ll see that logged in Clearbit so you can go into your next interaction with full context.

As well as enriching data in your CRM to improve your outreach, Clearbit also integrates with your website’s contact forms so you can automatically pass the best-fit leads to your sales team and prioritize your lead generation efforts.

Pricing: Custom based on requirements


  • Integrates with all major sales tools as well as having a Zapier integration

  • Get demographic, technographic, and firmographic details added to your contacts

  • Automatically segment leads coming into your sales pipeline

4. ZoomInfo

Enrich your sales prospect data with GDPR compliant data from a database with 100+ million contacts

ZoomInfo is one of the leading B2B contact database platforms, and it’s also an excellent option for your data enrichment needs.

To use the data enrichment features, you’ll need to link a ZoomInfo account with your CRM or other sales tools, and then it will enrich any contact records you have stored in there.

If you’re in the early stages of your prospect research, you can run prospects through the enrichment tool and it will display any known information about the person and company you’re researching. You’ll get extra details on job titles, email and phone numbers, location, company revenue and funding history, department headcounts, and more, which will all help you personalize your outreach to every individual. 

ZoomInfo is always adding new details to their contact databases and is a trustworthy source for your data enrichment needs. Their database currently has over 4.3M C-level contacts, and 100M verified email addresses.

Pricing: Custom based on number of enrichment credits needed


  • Real-time lead enrichment once connected with your CRM

  • Access to one of the largest B2B databases on the market

  • GDPR compliant data

5. FullContact

Bring all of your sales prospect data together and source details on prospects using a business card scanner

FullContact is a data enrichment platform to help you centralize your information on prospects and marketing contacts.

It integrates with your email address, social profiles, and CRMs, so you can find contact details for any prospect you’re talking to or researching. When you’re happy with the information, you can export the data to a CSV and upload it into your CRM.

One unique feature is the business card scanner. If you receive a business card from a prospect, you can scan it with the FullContact app and it will create a profile and source contact details for that person to give you all of the information you need to prepare for your next conversation.

You can use the API to build custom workflows and connect FullContact with your other sales tools, which is good for power users.

Pricing: Custom based on requirements


  • Real-time identify graph that connects data points from across the web

  • Enrich social profiles and email contacts with verified data

  • Business card OCR scanner to gather information on prospects you meet

6. Crunchbase Enterprise

Add Crunchbase data to your CRM and keep track of your target accounts’ growth and development

Crunchbase Enterprise lets you use Crunchbase data to enrich your CRM.

It’s a great option if you target startups and VC-funded companies because the platform’s original offering is a directory for startups and investors to meet. Now, you can use the vast dataset Crunchbase has on these companies to enrich your CRM.

You can use Crunchbase’s data enrichment tools to clean your existing prospect lists to ensure good list hygiene and enrich contacts in your Salesforce pipeline using the native integration.

The platform has data on fast-growing companies in over 740 industries, and you can use a range of filtering tools to quickly find the best targets for your next sales campaign and make sure any company not matching your criteria is removed.

Pricing: Custom billing based on team size and requirements


  • Bulk export verified contacts into a CSV

  • Enrich contacts in your Salesforce CRM

  • Connect with any sales tool you need to via the API

7. InsideView Enrich

Lead enrichment software that adds context such as past interactions and company news

InsideView’s lead enrichment software converts your basic lead information (name, company, email address) into detailed contact profiles that you can then use in your outreach with full confidence that you have all the details you need to start a conversation.

You can integrate InsideView with your Salesforce account and click-through to company or decision-maker profiles directly from your Salesforce record, which is useful when you need to quickly review prospects to make sure they’re still a good fit for your outreach. 

InsideView will also enrich your records with the latest company news, and even an organizational chart to see if other members of your team have interacted with people at the target account before.

Pricing: Custom based on requirements


  • Adds new data to your CRM records using InsideView’s database

  • See org charts that show who your team have already talked to

  • See the latest company news and updates

8. Datanyze

Enrich your prospects with all the key data points, as well as contextually generated email opening lines

Datanyze is a B2B contact data and enrichment tool to help you improve your sales and marketing personalization.

Like the other tools here, it can connect with other sales tools and has detailed profiles on decision-makers in the database.

But, one unique feature that makes it stand out is the ‘icebreaker’ tool. When you’re researching a prospect, Datanyze can enrich their profile with a potential icebreaker you can use as your cold email opening line. For example, if your prospect works at a company that was recently featured in TechCrunch, Datanyze will surface that for you so you have a perfect way to start your email, proving that you’ve done your research into them.

When your prospect list is enriched and ready, you can export them and upload them into a sales or cold email tool like QuickMail and start your cold outreach.

Pricing: Starts at $21 per month


  • See verified data on prospects you’re targeting

  • Discover news stories and updates on prospects to personalize your emails

  • Enrich social media profiles with verified data

9. BuiltWith

Technographic data platform to enrich prospect profiles with details on their software stack

BuiltWith is one of the leading technographic data providers. It has comprehensive details on the software and technologies your target accounts are using, from their CRM to their CRM platform.

BuiltWith is particularly useful if you sell to companies based on the technology they use (or don’t use). For example, if you help companies with WordPress management, you could search for companies using WordPress and pitch your services to help them. Or, you could look at a company using another CMS and pitch them to switch to WordPress for the reasons you recommend.

There are over 58,000 technologies available to search within their database so no matter how niche your industry is, there’s a good chance the software your customers use will be in BuiltWith’s database.

The LeadsDiscovery feature is another useful one for your data enrichment needs. You can upload your list of leads, then filter them by technology spend, tools they use, or keywords. It’s perfect if you need to prioritize a list but don’t already have all of the information you need on a prospect.

Pricing: Starts at $297 per month


  • Enrich your lead lists with details on a company’s software and tools

  • Connects with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, and other popular tools

  • See when a company changes or adopts new technology to reach out at the best time

10. Leadfeeder

See detailed company profiles of every B2B buyer that visits your company website

If you know a prospect is researching your product or service, it’s a perfect time to reach out and offer advice or support during their buying journey.

When a B2B buyer visits your website, Leadfeeder will create profiles showing you the company name, website, industry, and contact details for key decision-makers if they’re available.

If you see a company that you know will be a good fit, or see a prospect that you already reached out to on your website, you know that if you reach out they’ll recognize your company name and be more likely to reply.

Pricing: €79 per month


  • Notifications in your CRM when existing leads visit your website

  • Enrich company accounts with a list of verified emails and phone numbers

  • Filter leads and only focus on ones that match your ICP

11. LeadGenius

Data vendor that enriches profiles across social media and your CRM

The LeadGenius platform combines a B2B database that lets you discover new contacts based on your buyer persona and targeting criteria, plus, lets you enrich contact profiles on LinkedIn and in your CRM.

When you’re browsing LinkedIn profiles, the LeadGenius extension will surface phone numbers, contact details, and any extra information that you can use to determine if someone is a good fit for your next sales campaign. You can automatically add leads and details to your CRM with all of the data you need, avoiding the need to enter anything manually.

You can also connect it with your HubSpot or Salesforce CRM to fill in missing information and add buying signals that your leads have shown to the CRM records in order to help you and your team improve the quality of your outreach.

Pricing: Try for free, pricing available on request


  • Surface prospect data when browsing LinkedIn

  • Enrich your existing datasets to see all helpful details on prospects

  • Dynamic database that delivers information in real-time rather than using historical data

Using Your Data to Send Personalized Cold Emails

When you’ve collected all the details on your prospects, it’s time to reach out with a personalized and targeted cold email.

QuickMail is a cold email tool designed for this. You can send emails to as many prospects as you need without compromising on personalization.

When you’re writing your emails, you can use Attributes to insert snippets of personalization unique for every prospect.

This will increase the number of replies your campaigns generate compared to a generic email campaign and prove to every prospect that you care about the one-to-one interaction.

You can also schedule automatic follow-up emails to ensure your prospects never miss your outreach and you maximize your chances of success.

Try out QuickMail with a free trial and start having more conversations with qualified leads.

Wrapping Up

Data enrichment tools are a key part of any productive sales process. The more information you have on your prospects and leads, the more effectively you can segment your prospect list, the more you can personalize your emails, and the higher your chances of a reply.

These tools aren’t going to cut out every manual process in your lead generation efforts. You’ll still need to understand who your ideal customers are and be able to identify them in the first place before enriching their records.

However, once you do have your foundations in place, these tools are going to help automate the manual, slow parts of your workflow and free up more time for you to be having conversations and closing on new contracts.

When your list of target accounts is ready to go, you can start reaching out with a personalized cold email using QuickMail.