Today there are an estimated 7.9 billion email accounts worldwide. Hotmail is one of the world’s pioneering email services that was acquired by Microsoft in 1997 and rebranded as Outlook in 2013. As of March 2024, it ranked as the the third largest email client after Apple and Gmail, with a 4.06% market share

Hotmail supports SMTP, letting you manage and send emails through various email programs. If you're looking to configure your Hotmail SMTP settings, this article provides all the necessary information. 

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the set up. Let’s begin with the specific SMTP settings for Hotmail accounts.

Hotmail SMTP Settings

For outgoing emails, the SMTP server settings for Hotmail are as follows:
UsernameYour full Hotmail email address (e.g.,
PasswordYour password

What Are Hotmail SMTP Settings

SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is the method used to send emails from one account to another across the internet. You can find out about how SMTP works in more detail here.

Using Hotmail's SMTP server, you can set up your preferred email client to send emails from your Hotmail account.

Understanding Hotmail IMAP and POP Settings

While the Hotmail SMTP server is used for sending emails, IMAP and POP3 protocols are essential for receiving emails that others have sent to you. If you choose to use an email client other than Hotmail, you'll need to integrate either POP3 or IMAP settings to retrieve emails from your Hotmail account.

Generally, IMAP is preferred over POP3 for users who need to access their emails on multiple devices because it supports two-way syncing. On the other hand, POP3 might be the better option if you typically access your email from a single device.

1. Hotmail IMAP Settings

For incoming emails, the IMAP server settings for Hotmail are as follows:
UsernameYour full Hotmail email address (e.g.,
PasswordYour password

2. Hotmail POP3 Settings

You can enable POP3 access using the following Hotmail settings:
UsernameYour full Hotmail email address (e.g.,
PasswordYour password

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Connect Your Hotmail Account to QuickMail With SMTP

You can also use QuickMail to send emails from any email account provider that supports secure SMTP and IMAP protocols, including Hotmail accounts. QuickMail is an email automation platform that helps to boost email deliverability and scale up outreach.

To connect your Hotmail inbox to QuickMail, you simply require: 

  • SMTP Access: For sending emails from your Hotmail account.

  • IMAP Access: Enables QuickMail to monitor your emails for any replies or bounces.

If you’re working on behalf of a client, for example handling B2B cold email campaign setups and lack direct access to their Hotmail email account, QuickMail can assist in this scenario as well. 

You can create an invitation link within QuickMail; simply copy this link to your clipboard and share it with your client or the account holder. This step allows them to provide you with access securely, without needing to disclose sensitive login information.

By connecting your Hotmail email account to QuickMail, you can send outgoing emails in bulk more effectively and manage incoming replies and bounces efficiently.

Final Thoughts

QuickMail provides an easy solution to integrate your Hotmail account, making sure your emails are delivered effectively. Our software’s advanced features help monitor and maintain your inbox's health, and boost the visibility of your emails in your recipients' inboxes.

With any QuickMail plan, you gain complimentary access to our auto warmer tool and the flexibility to manage multiple inboxes, allowing you to easily switch between accounts.

Start managing your Hotmail emails more efficiently. Sign up for a free QuickMail trial today and discover the smooth integration and management capabilities of QuickMail.