Verizon, a leading American wireless network operator, terminated its Verizon Webmail service and transitioned to AOL Email in 2017. 

For those looking to manage their Verizon email accounts through alternative email platforms or third-party services, configuring the SMTP settings is essential for seamless email operation.

This article will explain how to configure these Verizon Webmail SMTP settings, helping you optimize your email functionality with any third-party email platform

Whether you're aiming to improve your email management or integrate your Verizon email seamlessly into your workflow, these instructions will ensure you have everything you need for a smooth setup.

Verizon Webmail SMTP Settings

The SMTP settings for Verizon Webmail are:

SMTP Server
SMTP UsernameYour Verizon Mail email address (
SMTP PasswordYour Verizon Mail password
SMTP Port Number465 (With SSL)
Authentication RequiredYes
Sending LimitsMaximum 100 recipients per message and 500 emails per hour

What are Verizon Webmail SMTP Settings?

Verizon Webmail SMTP settings are required to send emails from your Verizon email account when using third-party email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, or other email management software. 

SMTP, which stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is the standard protocol used for sending email messages across the internet.

To effectively send emails through your Verizon Webmail account using a different email provider, you'll need to use the correct SMTP settings outlined above. These settings include the SMTP server address, the port number, and the necessary authentication details to ensure a secure connection.

Properly setting up these parameters allows your email platform to communicate with Verizon's mail servers. This way, you can send emails smoothly and reliably from your Verizon email address through any supported email application.

Verizon Webmail IMAP Settings

The IMAP settings for Verizon Webmail are:

IMAP Server
IMAP UsernameYour Verizon Mail email address (
IMAP PasswordYour Verizon Mail password
IMAP Port Number993 (With SSL)

Verizon Webmail POP Settings

The POP settings for Verizon Webmail are:

IMAP Server
IMAP UsernameYour Verizon Mail email address (
IMAP PasswordYour Verizon Mail password
IMAP Port Number995 (With SSL)

Understanding Verizon Webmail IMAP and POP Settings

IMAP and POP settings are crucial for receiving emails in your chosen email application. When setting up Verizon Webmail on third-party email platforms, you have the option to use either IMAP or POP settings. 

Here’s a straightforward look at what they both mean for your Verizon email configuration:

  • IMAP Settings: IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) syncs your emails across all devices by allowing you to access them directly from the Verizon server. Changes made on one device, such as marking an email as read or moving it to a folder, are updated everywhere. This is best for those who use multiple devices to check their email.

  • POP Settings: POP (Post Office Protocol) downloads emails to a single device and removes them from the server. This method does not sync actions across devices, which can be useful if you mainly access your email from one device and wish to keep your server inbox uncluttered.

Why Add Your Verizon Webmail Inbox To QuickMail With SMTP

If the setup process above seems daunting, QuickMail provides a straightforward alternative. 

QuickMail is an advanced email automation platform that enables you to send outgoing emails from any account provider, including Verizon Webmail.

To integrate your Verizon Webmail with QuickMail, you just need to set up SMTP and IMAP access. This connection streamlines the management of both your outgoing and incoming emails.

Once linked, QuickMail not only simplifies handling large volumes of emails but also boosts the reliability and effectiveness of your email communications. It achieves this through advanced features designed to enhance email deliverability, ensuring your messages reach their intended recipients efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Integrating Verizon Webmail with QuickMail not only streamlines your email processes but also makes sure there is maximum deliverability and efficiency. QuickMail's user-friendly platform is great for cold email campaigns, allowing you to manage multiple email accounts from one central location, for ease and maximum productivity.

Any QuickMail plan allows unlimited team collaboration at no extra charge, it's ideal for keeping your team in sync. Try QuickMail’s free 14-day trial and optimize your email management capabilities.