If you're looking to integrate your Yandex Mail with a third-party email provider, you've landed on the right article. 

With an estimated 333 billion emails exchanged daily, there are now a variety of different email providers available to use. Yandex Mail is a Russian email service, offering a user-friendly interface, advanced security filter features, and generous storage space of up to 1 TB.

This guide will show you how to configure the essential SMTP and IMAP settings needed to connect your Yandex account. We'll explain how to configure these settings and tips for automating processes with tools like QuickMail.

Let’s get started.

Yandex SMTP Settings

The SMTP settings for Yandex Mail accounts are:

Server Addresssmtp.yandex.com
UsernameYour Yandex Mail address (e.g., example@yandex.com)
PasswordYour Yandex Mail password
Alternative Port Number465 (With SSL/TLS)
Sending Limits500 Emails a day

Yandex IMAP Settings

The IMAP settings for Yandex Mail accounts are:

Server Addressimap.yandex.com
UsernameYour Yandex Mail address (e.g., example@yandex.com)
PasswordYour Yandex Mail password
Alternative Port Number993 (With SSL/TLS)

Understanding Yandex Mail SMTP and IMAP Settings

If you would like to send and receive emails via an alternative email provider, understanding SMTP and IMAP settings is crucial. 

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings are essential for configuring your email provider to send emails using your Yandex Mail account. On the other hand, IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) settings enable you to access and manage your email folders across multiple devices. 

By synchronizing your Yandex Mail account with your email platform or device, you can keep your emails organized and up-to-date.

Here are the key differences between SMTP and IMAP:

  • Functionality: SMTP is primarily responsible for sending emails, while IMAP focuses on accessing and managing email folders.

  • Email Storage: SMTP doesn't store emails on the server after delivery, while IMAP synchronizes emails across devices, ensuring consistency.

  • Offline Access: SMTP doesn't provide offline access to emails, while IMAP allows you to view and manage emails even when offline.

SMTP SettingsIMAP Settings
Responsible for sending emailsEnables access and management of email folders
Emails are not stored on the serverEmails are synchronized across devices
No offline access to emailsOffline access to emails

Why Add Your Yandex Inbox to QuickMail with SMTP 

If you’re looking to save time and effort, QuickMail is an email automation platform that enhances the effectiveness of email outreach by personalizing and automating communication processes. By integrating your Yandex Mail with QuickMail, you are able to manage both outgoing emails and responses efficiently.

To connect your Yandex Mail to QuickMail, you will need both SMTP and IMAP access. This is even possible without direct access to the Yandex inbox. Within the platform, you can generate an invitation link, copy it, and share it with clients or account holders to grant access securely.

Integrating QuickMail with your Yandex Mail not only streamlines your email management but also helps with email deliverability. It also improves your ability to conduct effective and consistent email communications.

Final Thoughts

Integrating your Yandex Mail with QuickMail is an easy way to manage and scale email communication and ensure your emails aren’t getting caught by spam filters, courtesy of our specialized deliverability tools.

Every QuickMail plan includes automatic email warming and the flexibility to manage multiple email accounts seamlessly.

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