The rapid growth of digital marketing puts significant pressure on digital marketing agencies to deliver more value for each dollar spent.

As an agency owner, I know that firsthand.

To manage all the tasks you need to perform as an agency, you need reliable tools and software to deliver on your promises. It is essential for scaling your agency and managing good client relationships.

In this article, I'll show you the top tools we use at Attrock to manage and streamline our operations. As a digital marketing agency, we're able to provide you with tools that are actually practical.

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Top 15 Digital Marketing Agency Software Solutions That Are Actually Worth It

Digital marketing agencies have a plethora of software solutions to choose from. Each promises to deliver more value than the competition.

But you do not have the luxury of time to test them all out.

Your clients are not keen on wasting money to find out what works for you.

That’s why I’ve done the hard work for you and curated a list of 15 digital marketing agency software solutions to give you a headstart.

From workflow automation and collaboration to social media management and analytics, these tools have got you covered.

Here’s the roundup.

1. TinyImage - For Compressing Images

Digital marketing agency software TinyImage

TinyImage is an image compression tool we use at Attrock to compress images without compromising their quality. Compressing images is crucial as it has an impact on SEO. For that reason, we've compressed all the images with the help of TinyImage for this post we've done for QuickMail. We do the same for all the images we use in our operations.

TinyImage is completely free of cost if you are going to compress 5 images at once. If marketers need to compress a high number of images, then they can opt for unlimited & bulk plan options.


  • Compress images

  • Support PNG, JPEG/JPG image files

  • It reduce size without decreasing quality of images

  • 5 Images, 5 MBs images once time

  • Easy to use


  • Free tool

  • Very easy to use

  • Help to compress images 


  • Limited to 5 images once 


  • Free

2. Movavi Video Editor - For Streamlining Video Editing

Marketing agency software Movai

Creating and editing professional videos can be a testing task if you don’t have professional editors. But as a small agency, that could bite into your budget, I get it. That’s why we use Movavi.

Movavi Video Editor is the fun in video editing. Its user interface is simple and intuitive, making complex video editing tasks seem easy to accomplish.

I particularly find Movavi to be a valuable tool for my agency as it helps my team speed up video production. With it, we’re able to do video production and distribution at scale for our clients. Any ads we have on our social media are also created with the help of Movavi.

Here are the key features that this video editing software solution offers.


  • AI noise and background removal

  • Direct video upload to TikTok

  • Feature-rich screen recorder

  • Online and offline video editor available


  • Simple and intuitive user interface

  • Supports 4K XAVC-S format

  • Available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS

  • Beginner friendly

  • Quick movies creation tool


  • Slow rendering


  • Video Suite: $89.95 per year

  • Video Suite + Photo Editor: $222.95 per year

  • Video Suite + Photo Editor: $267.95 for a lifetime deal

  • Movavi Unlimited: $779.95 

3. Wistia - For Creating Videos

Video marketing platform for marketing agencies

Wistia is a video hosting and content marketing platform that enables businesses to manage and distribute them with ease.

Using it, you can record live videos and edit them from your browser without needing sophisticated equipment. 

It handles video sharing and audience growth just as well.

I love its native player that can be embedded in emails and websites. It helps us level up our video marketing efforts dramatically. 

With Wistia, we don’t need to upload our videos to YouTube first before embedding them. 


  • Video heatmaps and viewing trends

  • A/B testing

  • Email collection and notification to subscribers

  • Integration with other marketing software solutions

  • Video impact and ROI analysis


  • Easy to host and share video content 

  • Can host and record live events


  • Pricing options are expensive

  • Limited analytics and reporting


  • Solo: $24/month or $19/month billed yearly

  • Pro: $99/month or $79/month billed yearly

  • Agency: $399/month or $319/month billed yearly

4. Zutrix - Real-Time Reports For Better SEO Performance

SEO tool for marketing agency owners

Zutrix is one of the tools that my team and I use for keyword research, along with Ahrefs and Semrush.

We utilize Zutrix’s real-time reports for better SEO performance.

It also has powerful and precise keyword analysis that we've found helpful, with additional backlink monitoring and website audit capabilities.

Moreover, your decisions don’t have to be based on your metrics alone. With Zutrix helps track your competitors and tweak your strategy to achieve the desired results.


  • Competitor analysis and suggestions to help you rank higher

  • Real-time updates on search ranking via your preferred channel

  • Google suggest provides keyword suggestions based on search history

  • Backlink monitoring to identify spammy links and optimize your SEO efforts


  • Integrations with Slack, Google, Search Console, Analytics, Slack, and Telegram

  • Simple user interface

  • Multi-character and language support

  • Simple user interface

  • Accurate keyword tracking and analysis


  • Customer service could be better


  • Starter: $9/month or $8/month yearly plan

  • Pro: $28/month or $23/month yearly plan

  • Agency: $54/month or $44/month yearly plan

5. Semrush - For Keyword Research

SEO tool for agencies

Another SEO tool we use and recommend is Semrush.

Semrush is more than just an SEO tool. It offers numerous solutions for a digital marketing agency like ours, from help with keyword research to content creation.

You may not realize it, but understanding what you are up against is the first step to outranking the competition.

As such, you need a laser-precision tool to help you make informed decisions backed by data to outsmart the competition.

The game is all about competitive intelligence, and you must excel at it. And Semrush is just the right tool for that.


  • All-in-one content marketing solution to plan, execute and measure your content strategy

  • Content optimization options to provide bespoke recommendations for your content

  • Competitor analysis for a more robust strategy to improve traffic

  • Suite of keyword research tools to identify gaps and research keywords


  • Comprehensive keyword suggestion 

  • Project-based SEO campaign structure

  • Classify search based on searchers’ device


  • Lacks keyword list management


  • Pro: $129.95/month or $108.33/month yearly plan

  • Guru: $249.95/month or $208.33/month yearly plan

  • Business: $499.95/month or $416.66/month yearly plan

6. Ahrefs - For Backlink Analysis

Best SEO tool for marketing agency owners

To help my clients climb to the top of search engine results pages (SERP), I start my SEO process with thorough keyword research.

And Ahrefs is my preferred software solution for finding new keywords and backlink analysis.

Ahrefs offers a comprehensive keyword analysis and recommends keywords based on data from 10 search engines. It also provides context by identifying the main topic related to a target keyword.

Overall, it’s my go-to software solution, along with Semrush, for finding keywords and backlink monitoring.


  • Option to research your competitor’s ranking and SEO strategies

  • Extensive industry-specific keyword research tool 

  • Site audit tool to identity SEO issues that affect website ranking

  • Backlink opportunities and backlink audit tools


  • Extensive keyword analysis and suggestions

  • Excellent SERP (Search Engine Result Page) analysis

  • Free video tutorials to help new users


  • SEO reports don’t always align with Google Analytics figures

  • Can be pricey for smaller agencies 


  • Lite: $99/month or $83/month yearly plan

  • Standard: $199/month or $166/month yearly plan

  • Advanced: $399/month or $333/month yearly plan

  • Enterprise: $999/month or $833/month yearly plan

7. SiteChecker Pro - For Analyzing Website Performance

SEO checker tool for marketing agencies

I use SiteChecker Pro to analyze clients’ website performance, traffic, site speed, and responsiveness. 

Before onboarding a client, it is essential to have a baseline with which you compare your results.

Software like SiteChecker can help you see the bigger picture and monitor the impact your strategies are having on a website.

You can use its SEO Chrome extension for on-the-go on-page checks to save time.

SiteChecker tracks backlinks you built and website ranking for various keywords, with all the essential elements on one dashboard.


  • Measures the loading speed of websites and provides recommendations for improvement

  • Evaluates the website’s responsiveness

  • Offers site audit and competitive analysis tools

  • Provides customizable reports for data-driven and better-informed decisions


  • Accurate technical SEO reports

  • Timely alerts when site is at risk of being unindexed

  • Can record technical mistakes specific to both domains and URLs


  • Steep learning curve to use the interface

  • Not enough info is provided for SEO issues


  • Basic: $39/month or $33/month yearly plan

  • Standard: $149/month or $129/month yearly plan

  • Premium: $249/month or $208/month yearly plan

  • Enterprise: Based on your demands

8. Teamly - For Managing Remote Team

Remote team management solution for agency owners

Effectively managing remote teams can become complex very quickly. This is why I use Teamly to manage my hybrid team.

Teamly is a cloud-based project management and collaboration tool that helps streamline our workflow.

With Teamly, we’re able to manage timesheets and workflow for our team—it’s as good as having the team in-house. 

The integrated management system that helps manage editorial calendars and marketing campaigns is particularly great.

It helps with collaboration and resource allocation problems, if any, and better manage your remote team.


  • Real-time chat

  • Option to track and monitor employee activity

  • Ability to calculate payroll and manage financial reports

  • Customizable workflow arrangement and management


  • Makes it easy to monitor employee activity

  • Supports audio chats and screen recording

  • All features are available in the free plan with minor restrictions


  • No mobile application

  • Lacks useful integrations


  • Free: $0/month

  • Standard: $47/month

  • Business: From $97/month

9. Trello -  For Managing Client Project's

Best workflow management tool for agency owners

Trello can be used to manage workflow within your agency and with clients.

As a client communication and project management software solution, Trello excels over email platforms as it simplifies the whole process.

Its Kanban boards enable you to transparently view project progress and manage them well too.

My team uses Trello to manage client projects and update clients on their progress. All clients are given access to their respective Trello boards so they can review the content we’ve shared with them and give their feedback right there. 

It also adds transparency to the relationship as clients can see the project progress.

Trello is affordable and does not compromise quality, which makes it an excellent recommendation even for new marketing agencies.


  • Easy-to-use and customize templates 

  • Can be integrated with hundreds of apps

  • Easy workflow automation and presets

  • High-level view of team projects


  • Free plan works well for most organizations

  • Available on desktop and mobile devices

  • Flawless task assignment and board visualization


  • Cannot create budget and invoices

  • Not suitable for handling complex projects


  • Free: $0/month

  • Standard: $5/month

  • Premium: $10/month

  • Enterprise: Depends on the number of users

10. Slack - For Team And Client Communication

Slack is a team collaboration tool that helps your team communicate and collaborate with ease.

At Attrock, we use Slack primarily for communication as our team is globally distributed. The async communication that it enables allows our remote team members to easily connect with their in-house colleagues and ensures a smooth workflow.

Slack integrates with numerous third-party tools that help extend its functionality and make it a powerful tool for team collaboration.

Even Slack’s free plan allows integration with up to 10 apps for your workspaces. 


  • Extensive integration with other workflow management tools 

  • Project-focused spaces

  • Data security and risk management capabilities

  • Customizable reports for better-informed decisions


  • Can tweak the workspaces to fit your workflow

  • Integrated with several other software

  • Supports several file formats


  • Costs can balloon up as team size increases

  • Audio and video chats are limited to 50 participants


  • Pro: $8.75/month or $7.25/month yearly plan (per person)

  • Business+: $15/month or $12.50/month yearly plan (per person)

  • Enterprise Grid: Based on your requirements

11. Zendesk - For Better Customer Service

Customer experience software for marketing agency

Zendesk is a customer service software that helps you maximize productivity and ensure efficient lead management for more sales.

While it’s mainly used for customer service, we use it for the sales features it offers. It helps us stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions based on forecasts.

Zendesk streamlines our sales process, enabling us to effectively track leads and manage our sales pipeline.

The fact that Zendesk is cloud-based makes it perfect for our distributed team.


  • Sophisticated sales forecasting options

  • Multi-currency support for better sales reports

  • Customer contract management for better retargeting



  • Expensive

  • Email and template editor is too introductory


  • Sell Team: $25/month or $19/month yearly plan (per agent)

  • Sell Growth: $69/month or $55/month yearly plan (per agent)

  • Sell Professional: $149/month or $115/month yearly plan (per agent)

12. Flick AI - For Managing Client's Social Media Content

Social media management tool for agencies

My social media team relies on Flick AI for scheduling and managing social media content for our clients.

It helps us maximize our reach through the detailed hashtag analytics that it offers. We incorporate these hashtags in our clients’ posts, and the results speak for themselves. 

We’ve been able to catch growing trends early and see what the competition is doing differently from us to gain an edge over them.

Flick AI uses AI to suggest the best hashtags for your Instagram posts to drive organic engagement.

It automates the monotonous task of manually searching for the best-performing posts in your niche and using their hashtags.

Flick AI suggestions are based on real-time, in-depth analysis, so you get the best hashtag suggestions for your social media content.


  • Can be used across multiple devices 

  • Campaign optimization to tweak strategies as you go

  • Hashtag analytics for insights how each hashtag performs

  • Hashtag collections to help you sort and manage hashtags based on subject matter

  • Advanced hashtag search for hashtags with low, medium, and high competition


  • 7-day free trial

  • Simple user interface

  • Cost-effective and great value for money


  • Usage limits for lower-priced plans


  • Solo: £14/month or £11/month yearly plan

  • Pro: £30/month or £24/month yearly plan

  • Agency: £68/month or £55/month yearly

13. SocialPilot - For Building Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaign tool for marketing agencies

For effective social media campaigns, you must have a dependable tool to help you schedule, measure, and analyze your marketing activities.

Using its scheduling feature for social media posts, you can free up considerable time for other tasks.

SocialPilot also ensures seamless collaboration between team members for social media campaigns.

This ensures everyone is on the same page with access to campaign reports, insights, and schedules.

As a result, you effectively cut down on meetings and back-and-forth messages about campaign inquiries.

Sounds like a win to me.


  • Social analytics to study the best-performing posts and understand what works

  • Ability to evaluate a website’s responsiveness 

  • Option to schedule up to 500 social media posts in one go

  • Social media post scheduling option


  • Advanced social media reports

  • A Chrome extension for quick shares

  • Offers excellent value for money


  • Limited integration with apps


  • Professional: $30/month or $25.50/month yearly plan for one user

  • Small Team: $50/month or $42.50/month yearly plan for three users

  • Agency: $100/month or $85/month yearly plan for six users

  • Agency+: $200/month or $170/month yearly plan for unlimited users

14. ContentStudio - For Managing Content

Home page of ContentStudio

ContentStudio is a content management system that enables us to streamline our social content management and marketing efforts. 

With Content Studio, we’ve effectively managed our content schedules. It also offers comprehensive content analysis and reporting of campaign KPIs. 

That way, we are able to track our content performance, progress, and content gaps. We draw insights from these reports and make informed decisions on how to grow our clients’ social presence well.


  • Drag-and-drop content editor

  • Data security and risk-management capabilities

  • Content management and publishing

  • Data-driven content management

  • AI write to generate captions


  • Easy to use

  • Offer wide integration with other marketing platforms

  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Customers support can be slow

  • No free plans


  • Starter: $25/month or $20/month yearly plan

  • Pro: $49/month or $40/month yearly plan

  • Agency: $99/month or $80/month yearly plan

15. Bulkly - For Sending Bulk Social Media Posts

Social media management platform for agency owners

Bulkly is a social media management platform we use to send, track, and manage bulk social media posts. It simplifies social media content posting and scheduling. 

Instead of manually planning and scheduling our posts, we utilize Bulkly’s high-level automation feature to save time for other tasks.

Not only does Bulkly's automation feature save you time, but it also has a human feel to it.

Bulkly is incredibly flexible and highly customizable that fits your workflow. 


  • Bulk upload content using CSV files

  • Drag and drop post ordering

  • Bult content creation

  • Advanced schedule settings for in-depth customization

  • Content shuffling option


  • Automatic social media updates

  • Randomized social media posting 

  • Flexible account management


  • Limited analytics and reporting


  • Pro: $19/month or $179/yearly plan

  • Pro Plus: $39/month or $369/yearly plan 

  • Agency: $149/month or $1399/yearly plan 


These tools have improved my agency’s workflow, resulting in seamless efficiency and unparalleled creativity.

Nobody gets it right the first time. I know I didn’t.

I experimented with various digital marketing software to find the absolute best tool in each category. 

So use this ready list of the best software for your digital marketing agency and deliver exceptional results for your clients. Good luck!