Without SEO, your website is lost in a sea of competition, and scaling with organic traffic is not possible. 

That’s where SEO lead generation tools can help. These tools can bring a significant influx of organic traffic to your site and help you leap to the top of the search engine results.

Did you know that the vast majority of customers who land on your site aren’t quite ready to buy? When they first show up, LeadGenera says they are usually mired in research. They know what they need, and they are seeking solutions that fit that need.

Converting them from a view to a sale means using SEO to bring them back again and again. And since 53% of marketers spend the majority of their financial resources on lead generation, it makes sense that it must pay off in order to see a sound return on investment.

Here’s what you need to know about SEO lead generation.

How Can SEO Help With Lead Generation?

An SEO tool helps boost your search result ranking, which puts more eyes on your website. That can improve your leads and give you a longer list of potential contacts who need the products or services you provide.

Lead generation can happen anywhere you have a presence—on social media, a blog, a website, or even on LinkedIn.

Here are the ways that SEO can help with lead generation:

1. Growing Brand Awareness

The more people see your brand, the more likely they are to remember it. When they need that particular service or product, your brand will be the first thing that comes to mind. The higher you rank in SEO and the more relevant keywords that lead to your site, the more brand-building will happen. 

2. Establishing Your Expertise

When people want information, they want it from an expert source. When you implement the right SEO strategy, your knowledge will reach the top of the search results. You will be established as an expert for your target audience, which will bring them back to you again and again.

3. Improving Your Return on Investment

No one wants to spend money and get nothing in return. With better SEO, every dollar you spend on your business goes much further. You want to eventually reach the maximum return for the smallest investment possible. 

That means organic search is the key - and in fact, GrowthBadger says that more than 50% of website traffic originates with organic searches. 

4. Winning the Competition

The better the leads your SEO generates, the more likely you are to outpace the competition. Consider this: According to Backlinko, a website that shows up in the top spot gets ten times more clicks than a website in the 10th spot in search results. 

Extra clicks can mean more conversions. By investing in SEO lead generation, you can reach the customer before your competitors do, and that gives you much better odds of becoming their go-to business.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an SEO Lead Generation Tool

Good SEO doesn’t just happen – it takes strategy to get to the top of the search results. Lead generation tools make this much easier. These tools often have everything you need right there in one place, so you can scroll through pertinent information and tweak your approach to draw more clicks.

Here are the best tips to consider when investing in SEO lead generation tools:

Features and Compatability

All the bells and whistles in the world make no difference if you can't use them - or don't know how. The goal is to find a good balance of what you actually need right now alongside what allows you to grow in the future. 

Make sure your SEO tools are compatible with your site and what you are trying to achieve. Ask yourself what features you really need. Does the lead generation tool allow you to scale up as your needs grow? 


The goal of SEO lead generation tools is to create organic searches that drive more people to your business with minimal financial investment on your part. 

That's why it makes sense to pay for a lead generation tool but then evaluate what it gives you. Are you getting a good price for excellent returns? Look at the reviews to see what others have to say about the price. 

Ease of Use

Again, those fancy features mean nothing if you can't figure out how to use them. Look for a tool that offers support via phone or chat, good tutorials that walk you step-by-step through the processes, and a setup that doesn't require hours of your time. 

This is a good time to test out a free trial (most SEO lead generation tools offer one). Make sure the interface is intuitive and makes you feel confident when using it. 

Customer Support

You don't want to wait for days to get the help you need. Those are days when the competition is leaping to the top of the search results, and you are lagging behind. 

Customer support should be robust and available around the clock. Look for support that suits you best - chat and phone should be the basics offered. You can also look to community boards, email support, and even texting to help ensure you get the help you need when you need it. 

Reputation & Reviews

Given a bit of time, the best SEO lead generation tools will always rise to the top. After all, they are the masters of search results. The tools you see again and again in your organic search results are worth checking out. 

Pay attention to what others have to say about the tool through detailed reviews. Those that include screenshots or videos are a golden opportunity to learn more about the tool and whether it will work well for you. 

Best SEO Lead Generation Tools

Laptop showing graphs of online presence report.

Some lead generation tools rise to the top of the market. These are proven to provide the insights you need to get the traffic and engagement you want. While most are good for anyone in the SEO game, some are better for beginners. Let’s look at a few of them.

1. SEMrush 

This comprehensive tool provides a look at keyword research, overall SEO strategy options, and analysis of the competition. You can integrate SEMrush with your content marketing and obtain detailed reports. The features are quite extensive, but that can be off-putting to some.

It’s also a bit more expensive than other tools. But those who are serious about tracking, audits, analysis, and content marketing will find this one to be a strong contender, no matter the price point.

2. Ahrefs 

This tool is all about backlinks. Expect strong backlink analysis and a user-friendly interface that allows you to research keywords and content easily.

Ahrefs can be a bit pricey, but the features – including the content gap analysis, audit tools, and keyword research exploration – can make the investment worthwhile. Those who want to optimize their backlinks and dive into new content opportunities can make good use of this one.

3. HubSpot SEO

HubSpot has been around for years and HubSpot SEO reflects the knowledge and experience gained by the company when researching analytics. Link building, technical SEO, strong keyword research, and on-page optimization allow you to easily reach a wider audience.

It’s user-friendly, especially for small businesses, and has a nicer price than many of the competitors. Integration with other marketing tools allows you to scale up as your business grows.

4. Moz Pro

If you’re looking to start with a user-friendly option, Moz Pro might work for you. There is a broad range of SEO tools available, and there is community support to help you use them.

While some features pale in comparison to other SEO tools, the ease of use makes up for it. The research tools, rank tracking, optimization insights, and audit options make this great for small businesses, though it can be a bit costly for those just starting the SEO journey.

5. Yoast SEO

This is another tool that has been around for years. Yoast SEO has evolved into some of the best SEO tools on the market, which can lead to better leads. Page optimization, the use of AI insights for titles and meta descriptions, automatic redirects, linking solutions, and more help keep your business relevant.

Unique plug-ins, training programs, affordable plans, and 24/7 support help ensure you craft the SEO search tools you need to suit your business. However, Yoast's insights might not be as comprehensive as those of the competition.

How QuickMail Can Help You With SEO Lead Generation

An image of Quickmail dashboard tracking the positive growth of an email campaign

If all goes well with your SEO tools, you will soon have a list of leads. Striking while the iron is hot will help ensure that you get the attention of those leads. The more conversions, the better your business will grow.

The problem is that the majority of small businesses don’t have the manpower to reach out to all those leads. That lack of resources can hamstring you as you try to build your business. You need a cost-effective solution to give you the opportunity to get those conversions.

This is where QuickMail comes in.

QuickMail uses email outreach to engage the people on your leads list. QuickMail can send personalized cold emails to those you haven’t made contact with yet. It can also send emails to those who engaged with your brand a while ago but have since fallen away from contact. 

This sort of outreach can reignite the interest of cold leads and bring them back to look at your new or updated offerings.

1. Get Your Emails Delivered

QuickMail is focused on getting you out of the spam folder and in front of the customer. If your emails vanish into the ether, how can you connect with leads? The free Auto-Warmer plan from QuickMail can help ensure you get those emails delivered.

2. Turn to Automation 

QuickMail makes life easier through business automation. Setting up automation takes only minutes and gives you the opportunity to customize your experience. You can choose how to follow up, whether to use click tracking, how many prospects to contact each week, and more. From Slack notifications to SMS messages, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

3. Reach Out to Customer Support 

You need customer service that is specific to your business. The boilerplate approach just doesn’t work with QuickMail. You don’t have to worry about canned replies or scripts. Reach out with anything from basic questions to complicated and novel setups for your business, and QuickMail is prepared to help.

4. Scale as You Grow 

Whether you are reaching out to individuals or focused on B2B SEO lead generation, you can increase your daily outreach at any time. It takes one click to spread the wealth across even more inboxes. Through the use of multiple inboxes, you can tweak one campaign at a time, allowing you more focused control of where your energy goes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEO good for lead generation?

SEO is absolutely essential to either consumer or B2B lead generation. SEO can help you get more leads by:

  • Increasing traffic and profits through strong marketing plans

  • Finding targeted keywords that draw in potential interactions again and again

  • Making you easy to find among the sea of competitors

  • Organizing keywords and groupings to keep you relevant in the search results

  • Managing links as you build out to make sure your website works seamlessly

  • Building campaigns that stick with the customer

How do you track leads in SEO?

The built-in reporting in SEO tools allows you to see who visited your site, what brought them there, how long they stayed, what they looked at, and how often they come back. These insights can help you figure out how to get even more leads.

Once a person engages with your site and provides the information you need to qualify a lead, the tools track that as well—you can even find tools that track leads from first contact through completion or purchase.

Which SEO tool is best?

Which SEO tool is best depends upon the unique needs of your business.

For instance, if you are looking for more keyword research and information about the density throughout your site, a tool that focuses on those factors might be much better for you than one that offers on-page optimization.

Take the time to figure out what your business needs and choose the tools that fit in with that view, but also one that allows for growth as you reach more leads and build a bigger book of business.

Ready to Skyrocket Your SEO Lead Generation?

QuickMail provides an effective way to use outreach to keep customers engaged and your business at the forefront of their minds. Making that first contact and ensuring that follow-up emails are delivered can increase traffic and sales. 

QuickMail allows you to tweak campaigns and easily integrate your marketing with existing inboxes to ensure a smooth and easy transition to improving your lead generation.

Are you ready to take the next step in lead generation? Add QuickMail to your arsenal and watch your leads convert at a higher rate. Start your free QuickMail trial today!