SendNow has announced that it is shutting down despite what seemed to be a successful launch on AppSumo in late 2023. As of yet, there is no specific reason given for closing down. However, the timeline falls in line with upcoming Gmail and Yahoo bulk sender requirements, which could significantly affect cold email senders.

It's possible that SendNow could struggle to comply with the requirements and chose to exit the market before their users felt the impacts of the new rules. (You can get the full scoop on those shifts and what it means for cold emailing in 2024 in the Gmail Bulk Sender Guidelines.)

SendNow has communicated that users are given a two-week window from today, approximately until mid-February 2024, to export their data. Instructions for the data export process will be dispatched to users via email, and any applicable refunds will be handled through AppSumo.

It's important to note that all social media accounts affiliated with SendNow have been removed, and attempting to access website pages, excluding the login page, results in a 404 error.

This leaves a very important question for SendNow users...

What cold email platform should I move to now?

For most startups, SMEs, and agencies - QuickMail is the clear choice.

So you can see for yourself - we'll cover the cost of making the switch.

1. QuickMail - Get paid to move to the best SendNow alternative

Powerful & reliable cold email software with advanced automation and deliverability features.

Best for: sales teams & agencies who prioritize efficiency and deliverability.

QuickMail home page

QuickMail is an omni-channel outreach tool that helps you design and deliver high-performing campaigns, manage sales conversations, and view advanced campaign analytics. It can be used to automate email, LinkedIn, call, and SMS outreach. It shines as a cold emailing tool, CRM, and LinkedIn outreach tool.

QuickMail will let your team easily upload prospects, create outreach campaigns, follow-up at custom intervals, use personalization attributes, and set tasks. The best part is, you can automate the entire process.

Get Paid to Switch

We know finding a new platform is a pain and SendNow shutting down left many emailers in the lurch.

We'll add account credits to cover the cost of moving into in a reliable platform backed by 9 years of experience and optimized for Gmail's upcoming changes.

To claim your free ramp-up, just sign up for a 14-day free trial and email us your last SendNow invoice.

Our expert support team will get you up and running so you can start getting more positive replies for free.

Why Use QuickMail?

Advanced Metrics

QuickMail is an outreach solution that works with Gmail, Outreach, and any other inbox provider. While there’s no shortage of outreach platforms out there, QuickMail stands out from the crowd in three essential areas:

Reliable Results

We’ve been industry leaders for nine years.

In that time, we’ve developed pioneering outreach technology like inbox rotation and free auto-warming, all with the goal of helping our users avoid the disruption and revenue loss caused by constant changes to the email ecosystem.

So we understand what it takes to generate consistent results from cold email, adapting our tools and processes to give your campaigns the greatest chance of reaching your prospects’ main inboxes.

That’s why we’ve got a 4.6-star rating on G2.

Quote icon

We were seeing decent success with [previous tool] at the time, but tried some test campaigns in QuickMail. It immediately became clear we needed to make a switch since the QuickMail campaigns were booking 4.2x more meetings...

Dave Valentine
Dave Valentine
Agency Founder and CEO

Learn how SaaS company Demio used outbound prospecting campaigns through QuickMail to help land 500 new customers in seven days.

Delightful User Experience

We’re confident that if you choose QuickMail, you’ll love our user experience.

We make it easy to manage multiple campaigns, scale your outreach activity by adding new inboxes, and access the clear, actionable analytics you need to improve results.

And if you need a helping hand along the way, you can reach out to our expert support team…

Expert Support

When it comes to customer support, some outreach solutions are all about closing tickets.

At QuickMail, we’re more concerned with actually solving problems.

We don’t bother with one-size-fits-all suggestions and boilerplate replies because we understand no other business has a workflow that’s exactly like yours. Instead, we take the time to dig into the challenge you’re facing and provide tailored guidance.

Whether you’ve got a basic question, a complex workflow, or an unconventional setup, our experts are ready and waiting to help you execute more successful outreach campaigns.

Of course, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it.

Not when our customer reviews do the job for us:

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Best of all, you get the same quality support, whatever QuickMail plan you choose.

Not only that, but we’ve created various free educational resources to help everyone from beginners to seasoned veterans get more from cold outreach:

Cold Email 101 Course

Modern Deliverability for Cold Email

Cold Email Outreach Mastery Class

Why Do Businesses Choose QuickMail?

Inbox Rotation

What Sets QuickMail Apart:

  • We literally invented inbox rotation, so we know what we’re doing!

  • Scale email sends by adding multiple inboxes to a campaign.

  • Each QuickMail plan includes multiple sending inboxes — up to five on our Basic plan, up to 20 with QuickMail Pro, and up to 50 with our Expert plan.

Stability and Reliability

What Sets QuickMail Apart:

  • We’ve been industry leaders for nine years (we won't be disappearing on your like SendNow) and pioneered game-changing outreach tools like inbox rotation and free auto-warming.

  • We know how to navigate the ever-changing email landscape while minimizing downtime and lost revenue for our users.

  • We have individual accounts sending 40,000+ emails per day without issue.

  • Our agency setup makes it simple to manage 100+ clients without slowing down.


What Sets QuickMail Apart:

  • Every QuickMail account allows you to add unlimited team members and multiple inboxes.

  • Individual actions are tracked via the audit log, making it easy to share the workload, track activities, and work together.

  • No need for team members to share login credentials to make needed changes to settings or campaigns.

Email Deliverability

What Sets QuickMail Apart:

  • QuickMail uses an approved Gmail API for sending emails with better deliverability.

  • Randomly generated metadata leaves minimal trace on emails, making it impossible for email service providers to bulk-identify or bulk-block emails sent from our platform.

  • Proven deliverability at scale, with individual accounts sending over 40,000 emails a day.

Shared Reply Handling

What Sets QuickMail Apart:

  • Replies from prospects are automatically pulled into the Opportunities folder for easy accessibility and oversight — even if they responded in a new email thread.

  • Replies to campaign emails are assigned to the inbox owner and can be re-assigned, previewed, and triaged without removing the bold “needs attention” indicator.

  • Status shows how long each reply has been waiting for a response from your team.

  • CC and BCC replies, snooze, and add labels for clearer accountability.

Customer Support

What Sets QuickMail Apart:

  • QuickMail’s support is world-class, as demonstrated by our glowing G2 reviews.

  • We’re rated 9.2/10 for quality of support based on our G2 reviews, compared to the industry average of 8.5.

What Our Customers Say

“QuickMail allows me to communicate with my client base in bulk, while still coming right from my email address. Open rates and conversions are much higher because of this"

Hans Skillrud

Cofounder, Termageddon

"One of the most important technologies we use is QuickMail, as it allows us to build incredibly complex engagement campaigns simply and efficiently"

Ben Way

CEO, Rainmakers

"After trying the most popular email marketing tools out there & not being completely satisfied with any of them, I was directed to QuickMail. Best decision ever"

Fabi Mersan

Founder, ClinicBuzz

"I switched over to in Sept and since then my business has exploded. Thanks!" 

Marcel H. 

Founder and CEO, G2 Review 

“QuickMail helped me get the first paying clients for my business and it's still at the core of our lead generation.”

Maksymilian M. 

Head of Technology, G2 Review

Put all our pro features to the test in your free 14-day trial.

Other SendNow Alternatives

2. Salesmate

Email prospecting software for teams wanting a platform to manage their sales pipeline and automate their sales process

Salesmate is an email service platform for teams to manage and automate their email prospecting, sales outreach, cold calling, and sales productivity.

It offers more than just sales email software, but for the sake of this post, we’ll just focus on those features. You can use their Sequences feature to build email campaigns that send on a predefined schedule. You can even integrate automated SMS messages into those sequences, useful for ABM campaigns.

You can set up a variety of personalized settings on how to handle things like what to do if you get an out-of-office reply, campaign exit criteria, and assigning tags to prospects.

It’s a powerful email service tool and great for teams who want to collaborate on both sending emails and seeing their CRM activity in one place.

Pricing: Starts from $29 per user per month for email open and links tracking, sync, and email templates. From $49 per user per month for goal management, email reminders, and a shared team inbox. $79 per user per month for increased inbox limits, a built-in power dialer, and increased email sequence limits.


  • Ideal for tracking prospect interactions after the initial cold outreach has happened thanks to CRM features

  • Powerful integrations with 700+ apps to sync your outreach data with other tools

  • Good value for money for small teams needing a powerful CRM


  • Users report that reports can be hard to read and decipher

  • Customers have found syncing and integrating with other apps difficult

  • Limitations on the number of emails you can send per day

3. Klenty

Sales engagement platform that helps sales teams send personalized cold emails and follow-ups based on the potential customer’s buying behavior.

Klenty helps both outbound and inbound sales teams send personalized cold emails and follow-ups. While it does have multi-channel outreach, it is popular for its cold email features and native integrations with Zoho, Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce. 

It will automatically remind sales representatives of their outreach tasks for the particular day–whether that’s sending a follow-up or connecting with a prospect on LinkedIn. Reps can also preview cold emails before sending them, and deliver them when prospects are most likely to check them.

Klenty also has built-in tools for improving your email deliverability, as well as tools for ensuring that your emails are sent at random intervals.

Additionally, custom domain tracking is available if you want to track email engagement directly from your own links.

Pricing: Startup at $50, Growth at $70, Pro at $100, and Enterprise plans at custom pricing


  • Ability to create multiple sequences based on whether the prospect is cold, warm, or hot.

  • No limit to the number of steps you can add to your sales sequence. 

  • A/B testing available for cold email sequences and then cloning the most effective ones


  • There’s a limit on the number of emails you can send per day 

  • There’s no mobile app for the tool

4. Outreach

Outbound sales software including email outreach for teams who want insight into company performance, down to an individual level

Outreach helps sales teams connect with your target audience at scale using multi-channel sales sequences.

As the name suggests, it’s full of features specifically for outbound sales teams. You can create multi-step, multi-channel sales campaigns that send reminders to your team to pick up the phone and call, send a follow up email, or connect with a prospect on LinkedIn.

It’s an effective platform for teams to manage their email outreach program, as sales managers can see insights into individual performance.

Pricing: Available upon request, personalized demo also available before you commit to a contract.


  • Create powerful multi-touch sequences timed based on prospect actions

  • Personalize cold outreach with insights taken from your LinkedIn contacts and your CRM records

  • Detailed analytics into team performance to spot high and low performers


  • Third-party training is required and it will take time to onboard your team

  • Users on Capterra say the customer support isn’t always as attentive as they could be

  • Busy interface that can make it hard to stay focused on what matters: sending personalized emails

5. SalesLoft

Helps B2B sales teams with a large team of sales reps manage their processes

SalesLoft is a platform for sales engagement designed to help you engage with prospects and track your activities to see what’s working.

You’ll have a clear overview of your sales activities and important tasks in one place, so you never leave a prospect waiting for a reply for long.

SalesLoft integrates with Sales Navigator and Salesforce, so you can easily review your CRM records and make sure every email you send is personalized and timely.

As you would hope, you can also create and save templates that you can re-use, and see detailed metrics on things like open rate, reply rates, and click-through rates.

Pricing: Available on request. Made for enterprise-level companies who need custom onboarding and guidance.


  • Good for large sales teams that need a suite of tools to manage their pipeline

  • Build automated outbound campaigns including cold emails, follow-ups, SMS, and more.

  • Bring your whole team together in the platform

  • AI-based deal analytics to highlight prospects that need to be re-engaged


  • Expensive and not suited for small companies

  • Some limitations around integrations if you’re on a lower-tier plan

  • Takes time to set up your campaigns correctly


Combines a sales CRM and cold outreach automation platform is an email prospecting tool to help you identify good leads, engage with them using email outreach, and manage deals in a sales CRM.

If you want a platform that helps you with everything from prospecting to managing deals in your CRM, it’s a great option. The platform also includes an email finder. It collects data on companies and accounts then stores them in a database in order to help you identify good-fit prospective clients. You can then import your target audience into your campaigns with verified email addresses and automate the process of reaching out and following up.

There’s a Gmail extension to track engagement inside your inbox, and you can also see stats on performance inside itself.

Pricing: From $39 per month for 5,000 email sending credits. $99 per month for email AB testing and team permission control. Hands-on campaign strategy development from $999 per month offered as a custom service.


  • Includes a prospecting database to find potential clients

  • User-friendly interface that makes it easy to schedule your bulk email campaigns

  • UI that makes it easy to schedule your bulk email campaigns

  • Email analytics to track your cold outreach campaign performance


  • Users reported problems occurring during drip email campaigns

  • Limited CRM functionality and not ideal for post-outreach communication

  • The base plan only lets you send 1,000 emails per month, compared to QuickMail which lets each inbox you add send up to 500 per day


Cold email outreach platform for larger sales teams is cold email software for sales that bundles together email finding, LinkedIn outreach, and cold email automation tool. You can find emails and build a prospect list within Reply, then upload prospects to your personalized cold email campaigns.

As you would expect, you can track and monitor the performance of your campaigns, and Reply also includes features to help you write a clear, compelling cold email template.

It’s a bigger platform than most of the other recommendations here because it integrates a prospect database and LinkedIn outreach with an email sending platform.

Pricing: Starts at $60 per month for one mailbox. Plans for multiple mailboxes and multichannels sequences start at $90 per user per month. Email warmup only available from $90 per user.


  • Chrome extension that lets you save prospects as you’re prospecting on LinkedIn

  • AI-driven email copy suggestions to improve reply rates

  • Notifications to help you keep track of new replies and actions you need to take


  • Users on Capterra say that it’s complicated to set up and get started with

  • Expensive, starting at $70/mon/user for a minimum of three users ($210 per month)

  • Features suited to larger companies

Discover how QuickMail compares against in the full breakdown

8. Yesware

Simple but effective email tracking for prospecting teams

Yesware is an ‘all-in-one toolkit’ for sales. It lets you send emails, track results, schedule meetings and integrate with both Salesforce and LinkedIn. The tool sits on top of your Gmail and Outlook inboxes, adding functionality to them rather than making you move your activity into a new tool.

You’ll be able to track how prospects interact with your email, seeing if people receive, open, and engage with content like links to proposals or sales decks.

Yesware’s cold email outreach software means you can schedule emails to send at specific times and send follow-up email campaigns on autopilot, which will make your sales prospecting simple and predictable.

Pricing: Starts from $35 per seat per month for sending cold outreach campaigns. Salesforce CRM integration available from $65 per seat per month.


  • Made for cold emailing, so there are lots of tools to help you manage the process

  • Works with both Gmail and Outlook and sits on top of your existing inbox

  • Auto-populate campaigns with your Salesforce data thanks to a close integration


  • Pay per seat you use rather than per sending inbox, so it can get expensive quickly

  • Users on Capterra say the CRM sync can be unreliable at times

  • Salesforce integrations are not available on lower plans

Discover how QuickMail compares against Yesware and why QuickMail is the best Yesware alternative

9. Mailshake

Simple and easy-to-use cold email marketing software

Mailshake is a popular option for cold email outreach software. The platform lets you create personalized email campaigns, upload your prospect lists, and schedule follow-up emails if someone doesn’t respond.

There’s an integrated phone dialer so you can bring cold calls into your sequences as well, however, this is only available on the higher tier Sales Engagement Plan. Mailshake connects with Gmail, Outlook, and other email providers via SMTP and connects with popular CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot.

Pricing: Starts at $58 per month. Phone dialer, call scripts, and social selling features to create multichannel outreach campaigns are only available on the Sales Engagement plan from $83 per month.


  • Zapier integration to connect it with most other sales tools and CRMs

  • Upload prospect lists and personalize emails with attributes

  • AI-email writing tool to help you quickly write your cold email templates


  • Restrictions on the number of daily emails you can send as emails are sent through Gmail and Outlook servers

  • Some users on Capterra reported problems with emails listed as spam when bulk email sending after recently signing up

  • Phone dialer for multi-channel sales only available on the higher tier plan

Discover how QuickMail compares against Mailshake and why QuickMail is the best Mailshake alternative.

10. Close

A complete sales CRM with both email drip sequences and cold calling integrations to improve how your team sells

Close is a popular CRM and sales platform that’s packed with features. You can send and manage sales and prospecting emails, create tasks, and even cold call right from your dashboard. 

As you would hope, you can create personalized email drip campaigns, re-use email templates, and pause campaigns for any leads that reply.

You can upload your prospect list then schedule your campaigns to be sent at any time you choose. You can also create follow-up and other task reminders, and track metrics such as open rates to see what’s working.

The main downside of Close is that you’ll need to pay for every sales rep on your team who you add to the tool, so it can get expensive if your company is growing quickly.

Pricing: Starts at $49 per month for 5 flows, email and calendar sync, Zapier integration, and the ability to store leads, contacts, and opportunities. Goes up to $699/month and provides a 14-day free trial.


  • mPowerful CRM features to manage your sales pipeline

  • Share email templates with other team members

  • Sales leaderboard to track which sales reps are the most productive on your team


  • Not ideal for sending cold emails, it’s best for post-contact follow-ups

  • Can become expensive when you need to add more than a few team members to the platform

Finding the Right Platform

Most of the platforms in this list have a free trial and we encourage you to put us to the test.

You should feel confident in the platform you choose to move forward with.

If you have any questions about your use case, setting up a trial, or QuickMail's capabilities - reach out to us at