Your sales email template is the difference between a prospect ignoring your outreach or hitting reply as soon as they see what you have to offer.

In this guide, I’ll show you example sales templates that you can use in your campaigns to get replies from qualified prospects.

Let’s dive in.

10 Sales Email Templates to Use in Your Campaigns

Template #1: Book a Meeting with a CEO

Subject: Solving [pain point] for {{}}?

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},

Enjoyed listening to you on [podcast] – the insights about hiring were excellent.

Our agency helps companies like {{}} book 33 meetings per month with qualified leads through personalized outreach.

We recently helped [client name] hit their Q2 sales goals four weeks early.




Template #2: Learning about a Pain Point

Subject: Current approach to [pain point]?

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},

Noticed that you’re running Google Ads for {{}}.

I help companies like {{}} increase conversion rates on their ad campaigns by 435% and work with brands like [brand #1] and [brand #2].

Is increasing your ROI from ads on your radar?



Template #3: Finding the Best Person

Subject: Best person at {{}}?

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},

Glad to see {{}} opening a new HQ in [city]. Think you’ll like it here!

I run an agency that helps businesses in [city] like {{}} with SEO. Recently, we helped [similar company] generate 4x more traffic to their key landing pages in just 3 months.

Are you the right person to talk about SEO with at {{}}?



Template #4: Creating a Personalized Lead Magnet

Subject: Free teardown of {{}}’s landing page copy

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},

Love how you’re showing off {{}}’s key value propositions with screenshots and videos on your landing page.

At [your company], we help SaaS companies like {{} write high-converting copy. Rather than explain what we do, I created a 60-second video teardown of your landing page copy. 

Click here to watch it: [URL]

If this is valuable, what would it take to get 15-minutes on your calendar this week?


Template #5: Offer a Freemium Tool

Subject: Free recruitment tool to improve hiring process

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},

I noticed that you’re hiring for three software engineering roles at {{}].

Reaching out to let you know that we offer a free job board promotion tool for companies like {{}} that will automatically publish your job ads on all of the major software engineering job boards.

You can use it for free for up to five roles per year and we helped [similar company] get 3x more applications from relevant candidates.

Interested in a free account for {{}}?



P.S. Happy to jump on a call with you to walk you through the process - here’s my Calendly link.

Template #6: Helping Your Prospect Plan Ahead

Subject: Sales targets for Q4?

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},

Saw your recent announcement about your new funding round, excited to see how you use that to continue expanding.

I run an agency that helps companies like {{}] with lead generation via cold email and LinkedIn outreach. We’re currently working with [similar company] and [similar company], both seeing good results.

What’s the best way to schedule 15 minutes to chat about your lead gen strategy?


P.S. Recently published a case study with [client name] - here’s the link if you want to check it out.

Template #7: Lead with the Outcome

Subject: Publish {{}}’s podcasts 40% faster

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},

Just read your latest LinkedIn post – awesome insights into how you manage product development pipeline, I’ll need to test some of your processes.

I run a podcast production agency - we help companies reduce the time it takes to publish podcasts by 40% and create detailed shownotes to improve audience engagement.

We recently helped [similar company] double their podcast output by taking the time-consuming parts of the process off their hands.

Do you have 15 minutes on {{=bday+2}} to discuss?



Template #8: Flagging a Technical Error

Subject: Noticed [problem] on {{}}’s website

Hi {{prospect.first_name}}, 

Just finished reading your latest blog post on [topic] - great points about [specific topic in the article].

I noticed that there are two broken links to non-existent pages on your website. I run [your company] and our software automatically notifies marketers whenever a technical problem occurs on your website or blog. We’re used by teams at [large client name] and [other large client name].

Interested in getting a free demo?



Template #9: Meet at an Event

Subject: Coffee at [event name]?

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},

Saw your Tweet mentioning your visit to [location] for [event] next week and your plans to learn more about building effective sales systems for {{}}.

My name is {{inbox.friendly_name}} and I run the sales operations at [your company]. Would you be open to grabbing a coffee on {{=bday+3}} to share notes?



Template #10: Leverage a Mutual Connection

Subject: [mutual connection] told me to reach out

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},

Found out that you also know [mutual friend] after talking to them at [conference] about their growing HR needs.

They let me know you’re facing a similar challenge around onboarding new employees as your team grows.

I run [your company] – a platform for helping companies reduce new hire time to productivity by 73%.

Interested in a short call to discuss?



6 Tips for Writing Sales Email Templates

Rachel Haley, former CPO of Avadel and current COO of QuickMail says that “[At Avadel], we booked over 11k meetings in 2 years for ourselves and clients from sales emails alone. It was such a successful channel that we stopped all other lead generation efforts to focus entirely on sales emails."

If you want to write sales emails that get results, here are six actionable best practices you can implement to get results:

  1. Use a personalized opening line: Adding unique personalization with an opening line is an excellent way to help your sales email stand out in your prospect’s inbox and prove you’re putting time into building the relationship.

  2. Keep your template brief: Your recipients are busy decision-makers who don’t have time to read a long email. The best sales email templates are brief and avoid wasting time with long or unnecessary sentences. Focus on building curiosity and starting a conversation over explaining everything your product/service can help with.

  3. Use social proof or stats: Cold sales emails are difficult because your recipient doesn’t know who you are. To give yourself the best shot at getting a reply, use social proof in the form of case studies, statistics, client names, or examples of how your product/service has helped another business. This instantly builds trust and shows your prospect that you care about getting results.

  4. Always use a simple CTA: Your call-to-action (CTA) dictates the next action your prospect takes if they’re interested in your offer. You need to make it easy for them to reply, and you can do that by using a simple, relatively open-ended CTA. Remember, the goal of your sales email is to start a conversation, not make an immediate sale. 

  5. Email list quality matters: Even the best sales email templates won’t get replies if the person receiving it isn’t a fit. Spend time before every campaign to build and refine your email list. If you ensure every person will be a perfect fit for your offer, it’ll be far more likely that they respond.

  6. Personalization is always key: In every email, use unique personalization. The easiest way to do this at scale is by using a cold email tool like QuickMail. You can include any custom attribute in your sales templates and when you hit ‘Send’, every prospect on your list will receive a personalized email from you.

Sending Personalized Sales Email Templates in QuickMail

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